Daily Events - 1958

"Rock and Roll is an economic thing," says "pop" singer Jo Stafford, quoted in Billboard, October 13, 1958. "Today's nine-to fourteen year old group is the first generation with enough money given to them by their parents to buy records in sufficient quantities to influence the market. In my youth if I asked my father for 45 cents to buy a record, he'd have thought seriously about having me committed."
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According to record industry reports during 1958 5,249 singles are issued by over six hundred labels. This is an 11% increase over 1957. However, fewer then 6% of them make the Top Fifty. Tommy Dorseys's Tea For Two Cha Cha and Peggy Lee's Fever." The National Academy of recorded Arts and Sciences announces the first Grammys. Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu wins the Best Record and Best Song. The only rock and roll winner is "Tequila' for Best Rhythm and Blues Performance. 1958 is the year of the teen idol,. Led by Ricky Nelson, Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darin, Jimmie Rodgers, the Everly Brothers and Jimmy Clanton they steal the thunder away from Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis Gene Vincent, et al whose styles are rockabilly. In early March the press begins to concentrate on the strangle hold by the union controlled rackets over the juke box industry. State officials in St. Louis, move to clean up the pinball, juke box and cigarette industry. Robert Kennedy, staff counsel for the Senate Rackets Committee, announces that Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland will be spotlighted in the committee's investigation into the nationwide relationship between the coin machine industry and labor unions. The Senate Commerce Communication sub committee branches out to probe ties between radio broadcasters and the record business. Riots at rock and roll concerts continue, with those in Boston getting the most Publicity. Once again, it happens during an Alan Freed Tour. There is a melee in which fifteen people are injured. Freed is indicted by Boston authorities for creating a civil disturbance. While records play an important part in the exploitation of an act, the insurance of regular television exposure is equally important.. Marvin Rainwater Billboard September 15, 1958 Televisions influence over the recording industry reaches an all time high, with Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" leading the way.

January 5
            The Everly Brothers appear on CBS-TV's The Ed Sullivan Show. Bo Diddley receives his custom built, square guitar from the Gretsch Guitar Co. He
            designed the guitar and Gretsch built it to his specifications

January 8   

            Jerry Lee Lewis appears on CBS-TVs "The Big Record." RCA Victor announces that tests conducted at its pressing facility in Indianapolis have determined
            that stereo records are incompatible with monaural hi-fi players.

January 24  
             Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers perform "Goodie Goodie" on American Bandstand.  Little Richard enrolls at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. 
            Oakwood is an all-Negro theological school operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Using some of his rock and roll money, Little Richard paid
            cash-in-advance for his four year tuition.

January 29  
             Sam Cooke appears on CBS-TV's "The Big Record"

January 29  
            Eddie Cochran appears on "American Bandstand"

February 6   
               The Pat Boone Show debuts on ABC-TV at 9:00

February 7
              Gene Vincent appears on "American Bandstand."

February 15
             "The Dick Clark Show" is ABC-TVs latest Saturday night show. Carl Perkins leaves Sun Records for Columbia Records

February 22 
              The Big Beat a full color rock and roll motion picture premiers in Detroit.  Fats Domino, the Dell-Vikings and the Diamonds appear in it
March 2      
           Sam Cooke appears on "The Steve Allen Show" on NBC-TV

March 7   
           Chuck Berry headlines the Apollo Theater in New York

March 8   
           Jerry Lee Lewis appears on "The Dick Clark Show" and sings "Breathless and "You Win Again."

March 9    
           The Everly Brothers appear on CBS-TVs "The Ed Sullivan Show." Gene Vincent wraps up filming his part in the movie "Hot Rod Rock."

March 18   
           Jerry Lee Lewis appears on "American Bandstand.  He performs an unprecedented three songs: "You Win Again" "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin' on" and
           "Breathless.  Billy Haley and His Comets appear on ABC-TVs "The Dick Clark Show."

March 24   
           Elvis Presley is inducted into the US Army

March 28   
           Pvt. Elvis Presley leaves Fort Chafee to Fort Hood Texas to begin eight weeks of basic training . Carl Perkins cancels his Canadian tour to be with his
           brother Jay who is in critical condition in Memphis.

April 4    
         Fats Domino stars at the Apollo Theater in New York

April 16  
         Dion and the Belmonts perform "I Wonder Why" on American Bandstand.

April 19
        Carl Perkins appears on ABC-TVs "The Dick Clark Show."

April 27  
         The Everly Brothers are guests on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on CBS-TV.

April 28   
         Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent headline the Youth Rally in Chicago Stadium.

May 3   
        There is a riot at Alan Freed's Big Beat Tour in Boston.   Fifteen people are hurt or stabbed after the show. the tour moves on and is well received in other

May 6   
        A show for the benefit of Catholic Youth Organization in Troy, NY is cancelled by the Albany Diocese of the Catholic Church.

March 7
           Chuck Berry headlines the Apollo Theater in New York

March 8
            Jerry Lee Lewis appears on "The Dick Clark Show" and sings "Breathless and "You Win Again."

May 9
        In New Haven the city cancel the show

May 9
        A show in New Britain, Connecticut is cancelled by the chief of police.

May 10
        Alan Freed's tour, after 45 shows in 45 days ends in with the final show in Trenton, NJ being canceled by a Major in the National Guard who cities concerns
        for public safety.

May 16
        In Boston Alan Freed is indicted on charges stemming from the May 3 incident. He is charged with anarchy and inciting a riot. He pleads innocent and is
        released on $3,000 bond. It will take nearly a year to work its way through the court system, Freed will quit his job at WINS after the station refuses to back

May 22
        Jerry Lee Lewis arrives in Britain for a tour of the British Isles. Decca Records throws a party and invites the British Press. Jerry and his new bride Myra
        attends. It is soon broadcast that his new bride is only 13 and his second cousin.

May 25
         Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show"

May 28
        Jerry Lee Lewis returns to the United State after only three performances

Mercury becomes the first major record company to discontinue the 78 r.p.m. record format.

June 1
        Elvis Presly completes his basic training. After a two week furlough he returns to Fort Hood to receive eight weeks advanced training as an armor crewman

June 2
         Chuck Berry is arrested in St. Charles, Missouri with a French woman on his way to St.Louis after playing in Topeka, Kansas. It is alleged that he molested
         the woman a charge they both deny. a hearing is set for June 2o, at which time Berry will be charged with carrying a concealed weapon and an auto
         registration infraction. He is fined thirty dollars and the alleged molestation is never mentioned.

June 7
        High School Confidential opens nationally.Jerry Lee Lewis, who sings the title song, makes a cameo singing appearance in the movie.

June 11
         The New York Paramount Theater refuses to let Alan freed hold his annual summer show.

June 14
        The Everly Brothers appear on "The Perry Como Show' on on NBC-TV.

June 21
        Dick Clark broadcasts his Saturday night television by remote from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

June 15
         Via film clip made in Italy, the Platters perform "Twilight Time" on the "Ed Sullivan Show." "The Ed Sullivan Show" offers a tenth anniversary filmed
          retrospective that include parts of Elvis' previous performances.

June 30
        Alan Freed's new television show begins in NY. Chuck Berry and the Four Lads appear. The show is seen locally on WARD-TV from 5-6, Monday through

July 2
       King Creole Elvis Presley's fourth movie is released.

Mid- July

       It is announced that Alan Freed's new television show will be syndicated coast to coast by video tape

       RCA Victor announce a four track audio tape cartridge system to be introduced shortly.

July 19
       Alan Freed files for bankruptcy citing liabilities of $51,000, mostly in bookings from his recent "Big Beat" tour. His assets are listed as zero

August 5
           The Coasters perform their latest hit Yakety Yak on "American Bandstand

August 14
            Elvis Presley's mother Gladys dies

August 15
            Buddy Holly in Lubbock, Texas marries Maria Elena Santiago. They met when she was an employee at Southern Music in New York.

August 24
           The Teenagers reunite with Frankie Lymon to play "The Ed Sullivan Show."

August 26
           Eddie Cochran sings Summertime Blues on "American Bandstand"

August 30
           Bill Haley and His Comets appear on ABC-TVs "The Dick Clark Show."

September 19
             The Coasters headline the Apollo Theater in New York

September 20
              Pvt. Elvis Presley leaves to Germany where he will be station at Ray Barracks in Friedberg

September 27
               The Everly Brothers appear on the "Perry Como Show" on NBC-TV.

October 11
             "The Dick Clark Show" is broadcasted live from the Southeastern Fair in Atlanta, Georgia Guests include Sam Cooke, Danny & Tthe Juniors,
              Conway Twitty, the Applejacks and Paul Peek.

Octtober 22
              Bo Diddley appears at the Apollo Theater in New York

October 28
              Buddy Holly and the Crickets sing "Think It Over," "Fools Paradise," and "Heartbeat" on "American Bandstand."
              The Crickets decide to stay in Lubbock after their October tour. Buddy Holly returns to New York with his new wife. Holly gives up all rights to the
              Cricket's name and will continue to record and perform as a solo act.

November 6
               The Platters headline in the Flamingo Room of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

November 10
                Sam Cooke is injured in an automobile accident

November 14
                Eddie Cochran plays"C'mon Everybody" on American Bandstand

November 22
                The Big Bopper is among the guests appearing on ABC-TVS "The Dick Clark Show."

November 29
                "The Dick Clark Show" is arranged as a special twenty-ninth birthday party for Clark. Guest hosts are Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, and Sal Mineo.
                 Performers include Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Danny and the Juniors, Eddie Cochran and Little Anthony and the Imperials.
                Unable to come up with a hit record Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps split when he can not pay the band three weeks back salary. The musicians union
                yanks his union card. He will move back to the Northwest with his new wife and play locally until mid-1959

December 13
                 Fats Domino plays "The Dick Clark Show."

December 26
                 Following a Dick Clark appearance at the Sunnybrook  Ballroom in Pottsdown, Pennsylvania a teenager is stabbed
                 Payola was rampent in the 30s and 40s. Billboard noted that it had very little to do setting musical trends

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