Daily Events - 1957

Lavern Baker begins a tour to start in Australia. She takes out a $125,00 life insurance policy naming Georgia Gibbs as sole beneficiary. In a letter to Gibbs Baker writes that the policy is to provide for her should she be deprived in the event of my untimely death "of the opportunity of copying my songs and arrangements in the future" The letter closes Tra La La and Tweedle Dee, LaVern Baker.

January 6 

         Elvis Presley makes final appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" He is photographed from the waist up.

January 8 

         Bill Haley and His Comets begin first overseas tour in Newcastle, Australia

January 25 

         Little Richard and his ten piece band play for a week at the Apollo Theater in New York

Febuary 2 

         Fats Domino appears on "the Perry Como Show' and sings Blue Berry Hill and Blue Monday

Febuary 6 

         Bill Haley and his Comets become the first American act to tour the UK

Febuary 23 

         Jerry Lee Lewis makes a guest appearance on the "Big D Jamboree" broadcast from the Dallas Sportatorium.

Newly formed Roulette Records is sued by Monte Carlo Records which contends that Roulette's use of the roulette wheel logo infringes on Monte Carlo's label style.

March 1 

        Etta James begins a lengthy tour in Columbia, Georgia.

March 3 

       Chicago's Catholic Diocese bans rock and roll from all school functions.Within days sales of rock and roll records in Chicago go through the roof.

March 19 

       Elvis Presley purchases a 18 room, $100,000 in Memphis. The house will be known as Graceland.

April 6 

       Alan Freed as a national spokesman for the Arthritis Foundation hosts a 19 hour telethon over WABD-TV that features rock and roll talent

April 10 

       "I'm Walking" by Ricky Nelson is heard on ABC-TV's "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

April 12 

        Dot records, a leading independent record company is founded by Randy Wood in the back room of his record store in Gallatin, Tennessee, is sold to

April 28 

        Bill Haley and His Comets appear on "The Ed Sullivan Show"

It is reported in the music press that sale of 45 r.p.m. records  juke box operators account for
50-60% of all 45 r.p.m. record sales. Consequentially a juke box hit is virtually guaranteed
a top ten slot on the record sales charts.

May 4 

       Alan Freed hosts "Rock 'n Roll Revue his first nationally televised show.7:30-*:00 on ABC. Devoted to exposing new as well as established rock and roll acts

May 9 

       Billy Haley and His Comets Make an national appearance on Ray Bolger's Washington Square Show on NBC at 9:00.

May 25 

       Fats Domino makes an appearance on "The Perry Como Show" on NBC-TV

May 27 

       A 10% tax on reels of blank tape is proposed in the United States Ways and Means Committee. The tax would seek to curb the rise in home tape recording of

Johnny Moore, lead singer of the Drifters, is drafted into the Army.

June 10 

       The Platters play a sold out show in California's Oakland Auditorium.

June 20 

       The House of Representatives passes a bill levying a 10% tax on tape and wire recorders, players and recorder players. Records had already been subjected
       to this  tax

June 22 

       Jerry Lee Lewis appears on the Big D Jamboree" in Dallas.

June 30 

      The Everly Brothers appear on The Ed Sullivan Show.

July 1 

      Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers open at the Paramount theater in New York.

July 9 

      Loving You, Elvis Presley's second movie, premieres at the Strand Theatre in Memphis. The movie opens national June 30

July 12 

      Alan Freed begins a 13 week national television show devoted to rock and roll. The show is broadcast from 10-10:30 every Friday on ABC-TV network.

July 26 

      Fats Domino guests on Alan Freed's weekly ABC-TV show

July 28 

      Jerry Lee Lewis sings "A Whole lot of Shakin' Going On" at his national television debut on NBC-TV's "The Steve Allen Show"

      Imperial records signs Ricky Nelson to an exclusive long term contract.

August 4 

      The Everly Brothers appear on The Ed Sullivan Show.

August 5 

       The ABC-TV network premiers an afternoon dance party show American Bandstand, hosted by Dick Clark. On the opening show, the performers were Billy
       Williams and the Chordettes.

Art Rupe of Specialty Records announces the hiring of a new Hollywood artist and repertoire man Sonny Bono.
Imperial Records announces the signing of Ricky Nelson to an exclusive long term recording contract. Ricky's second record has just been released by Verve records
, but he and his parents never formally sign a contract with Verve.

August 11 

       Jerry Lee Lewis appears a second time on The Steve Allen Show. This is the only time Allen would ever beat The Ed Sullivan Show.

August 12 

      Gene Vincent makes a rare television appearance on American Bandstand.

August 16 

      Buddy Holly play NY for the first time at the Apollo Theater.

August 19 

      Jerry Lee Lewis appears and plays live on American Bandstand.

August 23 

      Buddy Holly and the Crickets guest On Alan Freed's ABC-TV show.

August 26 

       Buddy Holly and the Crickets appear on American Bandstand.

Liberty Records sends its new recording artist Eddie Cochran out to Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis
Universal Pictures announces the signing s of Fats Domino, the Dell Vikings and the Diamonds to do cameos for the rock and roll picture "The Big Beat".

September 3 

       The Mello-Kings appear on "American Bandstand"

September 7 

       Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps appear on the "Big D Jamboree" in Dallas

September 13 

       The Everly Brothers sing "Wake Up Little Susie" on "American Bandstand.

Mercury/Starday records sign song writer J.P. "jape Richardson, a disk jockey at KTRM, Beaumont, Texas.
The Nelsons are in litigation with Verve Records over Rickey's recording contract. Verve who had issued his first two releases sues for breech of contract when Ricky signs with Imperial Records. The Nelsons countersue asking for $42,000 in unpaid royalties. Then Verve countersues for one million dollars in damages.

September 16 

       Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps and the Diamonds appear on ABC-TV

September 21 

       Scotty Moore, electric guitar, and Bill Black, bass who have been with Elvis Presley through his entire career, quit over a dispute over wages.

September 27 

       Jerry Lee Lewis headlines the Apollo Theater. During his nine minutes on stage he played four songs.

October 4 

       Jackie Wilson sings Reet Petite on "American Bandstand

October 6 

      The Everly Brothers appear on CBS-TV's "The Ed Sullivan Show"

October 13 

      In Sydney, Australia Little Richard announces he is quitting Rock and roll. He plans to be baptized in to the Seventh Day Adventist Church

October 17 

       Jailhouse Rock, Elvis Presely's third motion picture premiers at the Loew's State Theater in Memphis. As a high school student Presley had been an usher
       there. The movie opens at theaters on Nov 8

October 18 

       Little Richard fulfills his recording contract with Specialty Records by recording a half dozen songs in a three hour session at Master Recorders. It will be six
       years before he records again.

October 26 

       Gene Vincent appears on "American Bandstand

November 4 

       Jerry Lee Lewis sings his latest release "Great Balls of Fire on "American Bandstand 

November 8

       After three years in show business, Chuck Berry makes his television debut lip-syncing his recording of "Rock and Roll Music" on "American Bandstand".

November 15 

       Billy Haley and His Comets make a rare television appearance on "The Big Record" on CBS-TV

November 17 

       Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps sing "Lotta Lovin'" and "Dance to the Bop" on CBS-TV's "The Ed Sullivan Show"

November 27 

       Bill Haley and His Comets sing "(You Hit the Wrong Note) Billy Goat on "American Bandstand".

December 1 

       Buddy Holly and the Crickets make their television debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show"singing "That will Be the Day and "Peggy Sue"

December 5 

       The Diamonds introduce a new dance called The Stroll on "American Bandstand" Kids form two lines while a couple strolls down the middle

December 7 

       The Everly Brothers appear on NBC-TV's "The Perry Como Show"

December 8 

       The Platters appear CBS-TV's "The Ed Sullivan Show"

December 12 

        Jerry Lee Lewis 22, marries 13 year old second cousin Myra Gale Brown in Hernando, Mississippi while still married to to another woman

December 14 

       Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps Play in Dallas on the "Big D Jamboree"

December 16 

       Gene Vincent and Bobby Helms appear on "American Bandstand".

December 19 

       Elvis Presley receives his draft notice to report for two years of service in the US Army on Jan 20, 1958.

December 22   

      Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show

RCA Victor announces a price hike for 45 rpm singles from 89 to 98 cents. Mercury and Imperial follow as all record companies eventually will do.

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