Daily Events of 1955

January 4
            Billy Ward and His Dominoes play a two week engagement in Los Angeles at Macambo

January 7
             Bill Kenny headlines the revue at the Apollo Theater for the week.

             The Bill Doggett Trio splits the bill with the Five Keys at the Washington's Howard Theater.

              Louis Jordan plays a weekend engagement at the Savoy Ballroom In Los Angeles. Across town. Amos Milburn entertains at the 5-4 Ballroom.

              John Lee Hooker and His Boogie Ramblers open a four-week engagement at Detroit's Town Casino.

Early January
              Lucky Millender signs a new contract extending his terms with King Records. Lucky Millender heads the house band at the Apollo Theater most weeks.

              Recorded In Hollywood Records leases four more sides from the defunct Swing Time Records, leading to the re-release of Lowell Fulson's "Every Day I
              Have the Blues" and Lloyd Glenn "Old Time Blues."

January 10
             Bill Haley and His Comets open in Washington at the Casino Royal for one week.

January 11
             Following RCA Victor's lead, MGM Records cuts the pricier of its albums. Prices for single records will remain steady at eighty-nine cents for 45 rpm and
             ninety-eight cents for 75 rpm disks.

January 12
            Studio Films, Inc. of Los Angeles announces a schedule of twelve thirty-six-minute shorts featuring rhythm and blues talent to be released to movie theaters
            following completion in early February. Entertainers to be featured include Ruth Brown, the Clovers, the Larks, Joe Turner, Dinah Washington and the Delta
            Rhythm Boys.

January 13
             Johnny Otis plays a one-nighter at the Club Alimony in Los Angeles.

January 14
            Alan Freed produces the first "Rock And Roll Ball" in the New York area at the St. Nicholas Arena for two nights ( 14th and 15th). Both shows sell out a
            week in advance with a total 12,000 attending to the tune of $24,000 for both days. Performers for the two nights are Joe Turner, Fats Domino, the
            Clovers, the Drifters,Danny Overbea. the Moonglows, the Harptones, Nolan Jackson, Ella Johnson, the Buddy Jackson Orchestra and Red Prysock Trio.

            The Five Pearls open at the Madison Ballroom in Detroit for three nights.

            At the Apollo Theater, Dinah Washington and the Penguins headline, backed by the James Moody band.

            At the Los Angeles' Savoy Ballroom. Roy Milton and  Memphis Slim cook up a boogie woogie stew for dancers this weekend. At the 5-4 Ballroom, the
            Robins join T-Bone Walker and Floyd Dixon for a three-day stay.

            In Detroit, the Crystal Lounge hosts Roy Hamilton for three days and Nolan Strong and the Diablos are at Dudley's Garden Theater for a week-long

January 15
             Bill Haley's "Dim, Dim the Lights" is tied to an auto safety bumper sticker campaign through a Decca Records promotion. Haley also renews his contract
             with Decca during the week.

             Sonny Thompson and lulu Reed play the weekend at the Club Desire in New Orleans.

             Roy Hamilton appears at the Basin Street in New York.

             Two new record labels specializing in r&b. Teenage and Dice, are formed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

             Savoy Records announces the signing of Larry Darnell, formerly with Okeh.

             Victor reports the company will set up recording studios in Nashville as soon as a site is found.

              Dootone Records signs the Swans and Meadowlarks. Dootsie Williams owner of Dootone, states flatly that the Penguins the hottest act on his label, will
              not be moving to a major label as has been rumored. According to Williams, he has a three year contract with the group.

January 17
             Joe Turner is featured at the Celebrity Club in Providence, Rhode Island.

             Margie Day starts an appearance at the Showboat in Philadelphia. fats Domino stops for a week at Hi Hat Club in Boston.

             The Crystal Lounge in Detroit hosts Tiny Bradshaw for the week.

January 20
            The Orioles start a three-day stint at the Riveria Club in St. Louis as part of their Midwestern tour.

January 21
            Faye Adams, the Moonglows/Moonlighters, the Bill Dogett Combo, Al Savage and the Joe Morris Band are at the Apollo for a week's stay.

            In Los Angeles, the three-day weekend brings Amos Milburn, Charles Brown and Wild Bill Davis to the Savoy Ballroom and the Four Tunes to the 5-4

January 22
             Joe Jones, formerly with Roy Brown and B.B. King is doing big business at the Dew Drop Inn backing the  strippers and female impersonators.

January 24
             Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson has a two-day layover at Chicago's Basin Street Club. Also, in the Windy City , Muddy waters is playing an extended
             engagement at the 706 Club.

January 27
             Johnny Otis performs at the Club Alimony in Los Angeles for the evening.

January 28
             The "Top Ten Rhythm and Blues Show' booked by the Shaw Agency takes to the road for six weeks. Entertainers include the Clovers, the Charms,
             Moonglows/Moonlighters, Faye Adams, Bill Doggett, Lowell Fulson,, Joe Turner and the Paul Williams Orchestra. Tonight's kickoff performance is in
             Northfolk, Virginia. Shows for the remainder of January are held in Richmond (29th), Washington (30th) and Baltimore (31st).

            The Ravens with Jimmy Ricks front the Arnett Cobb Band at the Apollo for a week.

            Washington's Howard Theater hosts LaVern Baker, the Harptones and the Counts backed by Illinois Jacquet's Combo.

            In Los Angeles, the "Rock & Roll Jamboree" at the Shrine Auditorium features Billy Ward and His Dominoes, Gene and Eunice, the Medallions, the Jewels,
            T-Bone Walker, Shirley Gunter and the Queens, Richard Berry and the Dreamers, Marvin and Johnny, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins and Oscar McLollie
            for one night.

            Also in Los Angeles, for a three-day weekend shows, Sonny Thompson and Lulu Reed are at the 5-4 Ballroom and Roy Brown and the Ink Spots are at
            the Savoy Ballroom.

            Charles Brown plays the Club Desire in New Orleans for three days.

January 29
            Earl Bostic starts a southern tour with a show in Baltimore. The first two weeks will bring in 9,000 patrons and $13,000 with one-nighters in Salsbury,
            Maryland; Raleigh, Fayetteville, North Carolina, South Carolina; Roanoke Virginia and Charleston West Virginia.

            Roy Hamilton is at Pep's Musical Bar in Philadelphia.

           Decca Records announces a major coup in the signing of Billy Ward and His Dominoes. The group is one of the strongest acts currently on the rhythm and
           blues scene. They have record for King Records and King's subsidiary Federal Records, for several years before going to Jubilee late last year.

            Gene and Eunice are riding high with their hit "Ko Ko Mo" on Combo Records, are forced to re-record the tune for Aladdin Records, which claims rights to
            the duo and especially to Gene Forrests' writing talents.

January 31
             Dinah Washington is on stage for a ten-day engagement at the Crystal Lounge in Detroit.

February 1
              The "Top Ten Rhythm and Blues Show" continue touring with a performance tonight at the Court Theater in Springfield, Massa chusetts. Ulysses Hicks of
              the Five Keys dies of a heart attack following tonight's show and the Five Keys are forced to drop out of the tour, Hicks is quickly replaced by Rudy
              West, who had sung previously with the group and just has been released from active duty in the Army. Other cities played this month include Bridgeport,
              Connecticut; Pittsburgh; Chicago; Youngstown; and Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio; Evansville, Indiana; Nashville and Jackson. Tennessee; St. Louis;
              Omaha; Kansas City; Dallas; Longview and Austin, Texas; Oklahoma City; Wichita, Kansas; Tulsa; Fort Worth, Waco, San Antonio, Galveston,
              Houston and Port Arthur Texas; New Orleans; Macon Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida.

              Louis Jordan opens at Pep's Musical Bar in Philadelphia.

February 4
               LaVern Baker and the Rivileers are backed by the Illinois Jacquet Combo during their week at the Apollo Theater.

               This weekend in Los Angeles brings the Spiders and Chuck Willis to the Savoy Ballroom and the Orioles to the 5-4 Ballroom.

               Billy Ward and His Dominoes start a sixteen-week stay at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas.

February 5
               The second annual Festival of Negro Music is broadcast live from the Savoy Ballroom in New York and features Faye Adams, Johnny Hartman, LaVern
               Baker and the Solitaires.

              MGM Pictures announces that "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets will be featured in the new picture "Blackboard Jungle" to be
              released this month.

Early February
             Alan Freed can be heard doing the introduction to the new release of Billy Williams. I Wanna Hug Ya, Squeeze Ya, Kiss Ya, on Coral Records.

             Bill Haley and His Comets play a one-night stand in Rome, New York.

             Radio station WMBL in Macon, Georgia, hires its first Black deejay, Hamilton Swain, who will play r&b for two hours daily.

             Rainbow Records signs guitarist Mickey Baker to the label. Other label signings include the Cookies and Regals, both formerly of Aladdin's subsidiary,
             Lamp and T-Bone Walker (previously with Imperial), all with Atlantic and Buddy Ace with Duke.

             The Cardinals return to the recording studio following a long period of inactivity while lead singer Ernie Warren served in the Army.

February 8
               In a rare interview in Camden, New Jersey, Billy Kenny former lead tenor of the Ink Spots, says that he feels " the day of group singing is passing."

February 11
               Roy Hamilton headlines the revue at the Chicago Theater for two weeks.

               Lucky Millender's Orchestra is the headerliner at the Apollo Theater this week.

               In Washington at the Howard Theater, the week's entertainment features the Rivileers, Big Maybelle and the Gene Ammons Band.

               The Orioles repeat at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles for another three-day weekend. They share the bill with Charles Brown.

February 12
                Pat Boone, previously recording for Nashville's Republic Records, signs with Dot Records of Gallatin, Tennessee. Boone is recent winner on both "Ted
                Mack's Original amateur Hour" and Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts television shows.

                Dave Bartholomew's Combo entertains at New Orleans' Riveria Club for the weekend. Across town, guitarist Roy Montrell is playing nightly at the
                Hi-Hat Club.

February 18
               Willie Mae Thornton, Charlie and Ray, Danny Overbea and the El Dorados split the bill at the Apollo Theater for the week.

               In Los Angeles, the Savoy Ballroom offers patrons Charles Brown with the Stomp Gordon Band, At the 5-4 Ballroom, Roy Brown headlines the
               Hollywood Revue which included local favorites Johnny "Guitar" Watson and Linda Hayes.

February 19
               Earl Bostic plays Columbus, Georgia tonight and Pensacola, Florida tomorrow.

               In Philadelphia, the Cosmopolitan Club hosts the Five Keys, Dakota Stanton and the Valentines for a one-night stand.

               In New Orleans,  Dave Bartholomew returns to the Club Riveria for the evening. is is Also Scheduled to entertain at the club on Mardi Gras Tuesday.
               Thereafter, he is booked at the Riveria for a long run of Saturday night dates.

February 21
              The Orioles open for a week at Pep's Musical Bar in Philadelphia.

             Chuck Willis stops for a one-night stand at the Club Desire in New Orleans.

             The Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles has an Ooky Oak dance (based on the song by the Penguins of the same name). The show features Johnny Otis, the
             Medallions, the Meadowlarks and Marie Adams for the evening.

February 22
              Charles Brown spends to days at the Club Desire in New Orleans

February 25
              Wynonie Harris opens for three days at Chic's Show Bar in Detroit.

              The "5" Royales are with Tam Smith's Combo entertain at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles.

February 26
               LaVern Baker appeals to her representative, Charles Diggs (Democrat-Michigan) to have him study the possibility of authoring a bill that will revise the
               1909 copyright act. Miss Baker is upset that the current copyright act does not ever duplicating arrangements on her records, such as "Tweedle Dee." She
               claims she has lost $15,000 in royalties to singers Georgia Gibbs and Vicki Young, who took her record and virtually duplicated the song note for note.

               The New Orleans Municipal Auditorium presents the Clovers, the Charms, the Moonglows. Faye Adams, Joe Turner, Bill Doggett, Lowell Fulson and the
               Paul Williams Orchestra for an evening concert.

February 28
               During his six-week engagement, Earl Bostic becomes the highest-paid entertainer in the history of the Palms Supper Club in Hallandale, Florida.

March 1
           The "Top Ten Rhythm and Blues Show" completes its six-week tour this month with shows in the following cities: Raleigh, Fayetteville and Kingston, North
          Carolina; Roanoke, Virginia; Columbia, South Carolina; Birmingham; Chattanooga;; Greenville, South Carolina; Durham and Greensville, North Carolina;
          Charleston, West Virginia; Knoxville, Tennessee; Bluefield, West Virginia; Atlanta; Tampa; Charleston, South Carolina; Northfolk and Richmond. Virginia;
          Philadelphia; New York City and finally closing in Buffalo New York on the 20th.'Following his record breaking engagement at the Carolyn Club in
          Columbus, Ohio, Rusty Bryant embarks on a tour of one-night stands. Big Jay McNeeley brings his combo to the Crystal Lounge in Detroit.

March 4
           The Apollo Theater plays host to Ruth Brown and Willis Jackson Orchestra this week.

           Fats Domino plays the first of two weekend engagements at Los Angeles' 5-4 Ballroom. Also in town, LaVern Baker and Ivory Joe Hunter split the bill at the
           Savoy Ballroom this weekend only Baker is just starting a three-week tour of the West Coast.

March 5
           Earl Bostic takes to the road following his week in Hallendale, Florida, with a one-night stand in Jacksonville.

Early March
           Duke Records announces its plans to release its first rhythm and blues album, a ten-incher containing all the hits of Johnny Ace.

           Steve Gibson and His Red Caps open for a month at the Cafe Society in New York

           The rhythm and blues trend has hit its peak and is on its way out according to an announcement from Mercury Records, Consequently, the company doesn't
            have any  for any further r7b cover records for Georgia Gibbs, Sarah Vaughn or the Gaylords.

           Coral Records and Alan Freed reach an agreement whereby Fred will become an artist, a talent scout and an artist and repertoire representative for the
           company for a period of two years, The agreement is cancelled by mutual consent April 30th.

            Rainbow Records launches a new subsidiary, Riveria Records, which will also specialize in r&b. The first release will be by the Five Crowns.

March 8
           Ruth Brown guests on the Steve Allen show on NBC-TV.

          Earl Bostic is the first Negro to play the Celtic Room in Nashville during his four-day layover.

March 10
           Red Prysock and his band start a five-day engagement at the Apache Inn in Dayton, Ohio.

           On the stage of the Apollo Theater, Ruth Brown receives a gold record representing sales of over five million records on Atlantic Records.

March 11
           Al Hibbler and Sarah Vaughn front Tito Puente's Orchestra for a week at the Apollo.

           Bullmoose Jackson starts two weeks at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

          Ruth Brown moves to the Howard Theater in Washington with the Willis Jackson Orchestra for a week.

March 13
           Roy Milton, Pee Wee Crayton and Chuck Higgins share the billing for the Sunday night dance at the Elks Ballroom in Los Angeles.

           Buddy Johnson and sister Ella are currently on tour of the South and Midwest.

           Alan Freed hosts a meeting with Saul Bihari (RPM/Modern/Flair), Jack Angel (Herald), Bob Rolontz (Groove) and Ahmet Ertegun (Atlantic). Details aren't

March 16
            In a rushed attempt to cover Al Hibbler's version of "Unchained Melody," Epic sets up a session for Roy Hamilton. The resulting single is shipped within five

           Earl Bostic plays a one-nighter at the New Orleans Municipal Auditorium.

March 17
           Johnny Ace is posthumously awarded the first Billboard magazine rhythm and blues "Triple Crown" as "Pledging My Love" tops all three R&B Charts: "Best
           Seller In Stores," Most Played in Juke Boxes," and "Most Played By Disk Jockeys."

March 18
           The Drifters team with Varetta Dillard and the Eddy Heywood Combo for a week at the Apollo Theater.

           Dinah Washington, Danny Overbea and the James Moody Band thrill the crowd at the Howard Theater in Washington.

           Sonny Thompson and Lulu Reed play a three-day weekend engagement at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles. Across town at the Your Room Lounge,
           Charles Brown with Johnny Moore's Three Blazers start an extended stay of three-day weekends.

March 21
           Al Hibbler is scheduled for and eight-day booking at the Crystal Lounge in Detroit.

March 23
           In New England public outcry against rhythm and blues peaks when six Boston deejays meet with press and religious leaders to form a record censorship
           board, Songs included on the groups' initial list that will not be played over local Boston stations include "Make Yourself Comfortable," "Teach Me Tonight,"
           Idle Gossip," "From the Bottom To the Top," "Honey Love and all versions of the "Annie" songs.

March 25
           Jimmy Reed entertains at the Royal Peacock in Atlanta.

           The movie "Blackboard Jungle," which features bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" is released to theaters.

           The Apollo Theater offers the Chordcats and the Charms on its weekly bill.

           The "5" Royales and Tab Smith's Combo perform at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles this weekend.

           Radio station WGN in Chicago forms a record review board after receiving fifteen thousand letters, many from teenagers accusing the station of playing dirty

March 29
           Al Hibbler stars for the week at the Copa Club in Buffalo, New York.

Late March
           LaVern Baker opens at the Orchid Club in Kansas City for a week.

           Dootone Records signs Roy Milton, Mabel Scott and Chuck Higgins.

          Charles White, formerly with the Clovers, forms a new group, the Playboys. The group will record for Cat Records.

           Following Mercury's lead, RCA Victor decides it will no longer cover records put out by competing companies.

April 1
         In Los Angeles, the 5-4 Ballroom offers Fats Domino's talents for three days, while the Elks Ballroom has a one-nighter featuring Richard Berry, Etta James
         and Johnny "Guitar" Watson in a show billed as "Modern Records Rhythm and Blues Caravan."

         Ruth Brown is on the stage at Detroit's Crystal Lounge.

April 2
         The "Rock and Roll Festival" is held in St. Nicholas Arena in New York. Prermiers on the bill are Varetta Dillard, Red Prysock, the Cadillacs, the Mellows,
         Otis Blackwell and the Joe Morris Combo.

         Little Walter, currently touring the South, plays a one-nighter at Houma, Louisiana, followed by a performance at New Orleans' Labor Union Hall on April

         Guitar Slim plays a one-stand at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles.

         All nine local radio stations in San Antonio join together to censor rhythm and blues records before allowing them to be played.

April 7
        Earl Bostic starts a West Coast one-nighter tour that is scheduled to run through July.

        The ABC radio network premiers "Rhythm and Blues On Parade," which will be broadcast live every Thursday night from prominent Black clubs in Harlem.
        The show will spotlight new talent as well as established artists,

Early April
         The Du Droppers are all set to record for for Groove Records when it is discovered that lead tenor Jay Van Loan has a contract with Herald Records. The
         mix-up occurred in October 1954 when the contract between RCA Victor, owner of Groove, expired and the group signed with Herald. When the group
         took on a new lead singer, Van Loan, he signed a separate contract with Herald. RCA claimed that it had a prior agreement to keep the group, which left Van
         Loan still under contract to Herald. The matter is finally resolved when a new lead tenor, Charlie Hughes, is hired by the group.

         Della Reese, former gospel singer from Detroit and now a regular performer at the city's Flame Show Bar, signs with Jubilee Records to record pop and r&b

         Juke box operators report using sixty percent more rhythm and blues records than they did a year ago.

April 8
        Alan Freed's "Rock and Roll Easter Jubilee" opens for a one-night run at the 4,264 seat Paramount Theater in Brooklyn. Performers are Lavern Baker, the
        Penguins, Danny Overbea, the Moonglows/Moonlighters, the Three Chuckles. Eddie Fountaine and Red Prysock's Band, augmented with Sam "The Man"
        Taylor, Al Sears and Mickey "Guitar" Baker. The Easter holiday show is run five times daily and breaks the all-time record at the Paramount set in 1932 by
        Russ Colombo, bringing a total $107,000 for the week. Freed reportedly receives $50,000 based on a percentage. The total paid out to the talent comes to
        $11,000. News reports that the teenagers are exuberant but well behaved, "There's excitement but no trouble."

        The Hearts and Louis Jordan open at the Apollo Theater for the week.

        The 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles features Roy Milton for the weekend's entertainment.

        Ivory Joe Hunter starts two weeks at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

April 9
        While in New York for the Paramount show, the Penguins sign with Mercury Records. The group had formerly been with Dootone but had recorded for
        Mercury in March. The contract was delayed pending court approval that their contract was not valid, as it was signed by three members of the group who
        were minors. Buck Ram, manager of the group, also arranges for another of his acts to switch to Mercury: the Platters, formerly with Federal, who remain
        hitless at the time.

April 10
         The "Dr. Jive Ball" at the Rockland Palace in New York is sponsored by WWRL radio and emceed by Dr. Jive. Entertainers include Roy Hamilton, Buddy
         and Ella Johnson, Charlie and Ray and the Cadillacs. The show brings in a capacity crowd of 4,200 with over 2,000 turned away at the door.

         Gene and Eunice open at the Tippin Inn in Berlin, New Jersey.

         The Easter Sunday dance at the Elks Ballroom in Los Angeles features the Johnny Otis Combo with Marvin and Johnny.

         In New Orleans, the Easter dance at the Labor Union Hall features Jimmy Nelson, Jesse Allen and the Joe Jones Combo.

April 11
         The Jewels start a two-week engagement at the Midway Lounge in Pittsburgh.

April 13
         Variety's front page story on the Brooklyn Paramount shows compares the opening night crowd with those of the the Paramount's heyday in the 1930s and
         1940s with the teens dancing in the aisles.

April 14
         Bill Haley and His Comets are off on a tour of the Eastern Seaboard with a show in Binghampton, New York. Other dates on the tour include Boston (15th);
         Baltimore (16th); Cleveland (17th); Buffalo (18); Rome, New York (19); Plainville, Connecticut ( (20th-23rd) and Wilmington, Delaware (24th).

April 15
         Dinah Washington entertains at the Tiffany Club in Los Angeles for two weeks.

         Treat Records signs Blind Boy Fuller and the Five Stars.

         LaVern Baker sues the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles for $2,000 in back pay due to her from previous engagements. The suits forces the ballroom to close
         pending settlement. The Savoy does not reopen until September 30th.

         The Rivileers are currently limiting engagements to the New York area, where two members attend college.

         Lowell Fulson is booked solid on his current tour of Texas.

April 18
         Roy Hamilton headlines the Lord Calvet Hotel in Miami for two weeks.

         Billy Eckstine starts a world-wide tour with a performance in London.

         Ray Charles and Faye Adams bring in ten thousand ticket holders during their week-long stand at the Palms Club in Hallendale, Florida.

April 21
         Following a one-nighter tour, the Penguins open at the Apache Club in Dayton, Ohio.

April 22
         Al Hibbler starts at the Kin Wah Low Club in Toledo, Ohio.

         Headliners this week at the Apollo Theater include the Clovers, Little Esther, the Paul Williams Orchestra and teenager Little Willie John.

          Louis Jordan brings his Tympany Five to the Royal Theater in Baltimore for a week.

          Earl Bostic entertains at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on a one-nighter.

          LaVern Baker and the Drifters join the Nat "King" Cole package tour for three weeks.

          T-Bone Walker starts a two week stay at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

April 24
        Nat Cole, LaVern Baker and the Drifters play a one-nighter at the National Guard Armory in Washington.

        Bullmoose Jackson starts a week at the Creole Cabana in Philadelphia.

        Louis Jordan starts a week-long engagement at the Howard Theater in Bill Haley and His Comets entertain nightly for a week at the Casino Royal in

April 26
         Curtis Williams of the Penguins sues Dootsie Williams of Dootone Records (no relation) for $100,000, claiming damage to his career because he signed a
          recording contract with Dootone Records when he was a minor

April 27
         Philadelphia's Academy of Music presents the Nat Cole tour featuring LaVern Baker and the Drifters.

         The Met in Philadelphia plays host to the "Rock and Roll Show of 55. Entertainers include Varetta Dillard, the Hearts, the Roamers, Dean Barlow and Buddy
         Johnsons' Orchestra.

        The Apollo heater hosts the "5" Royales, Dakota Stato, Hal "Cornbread" Singer Orchestra and Memphis Slim.

         Earl Bostic plays for three days at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles.

         John Lee Hooker entertains at the Club Royale in Detroit.

         Eddie Fontaine and the Three Chuckles appear with Ella Fitzgerald at the Chicago Theater for two weeks.

          In Buffalo, New York, the Nat Cole tour with Lavern Baker and the Drifters plays to a full house.

May 1
        Ray Charles and Fats Domino perform at the New Orleans Municipal Auditoriums.

        Elvis Presley joins "Hank Snow's All Star Jamboree" tour in New Orleans. This is his first major trek, covering twenty cities in twenty-one days through
        Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

May 2
        The Jewels are at the Creole Cabana and Ivory Joe Hunter is opening at the Club Zelmar, both in Philadelphia.

        Bill Haley and His Comets start a four-week engagement at Sandy's Log Cabin in Gloucester, New Jersey. Also, in New Jersey, Red Prysock brings his
        combo to the Cadillac Club in Trenton.

        Guitar Slim is at the Ebony Lounge in Cleveland for a week.

May 3
        Roy Milton brings his rock and roll to Alaska, with a series of one-nighters in and around Anchorage.

May 4

Chuck Willis starts a four-day run at the Crown Propeller Lounge in Chicago.

At the Apollo Theater, the Cardinals share the headline with Sister Rosetta Tharpe for a week.

This week the Penguins appear at the State Theater in Hartford.

The Howard Theater presents the talents of Sarah Vaughn and Al Hibbler this week.

Sonny Thompson and Lula Reed open in Detroit at the Crystal Lounge.

Early May

Star Maid Records of Chicago, formerly specializing exclusively in country and western records, has started a rhythm and blues department/ A two-year-old recording by the Embers on Ember Records, "Paradise Hill,' has been revived in Los Angeles and is re-released by Herald Records.

Dean Barlow, lead singer of the Crickets, records "Forever" on Jay-Dee Records. The song is the first with lyrics and music by Alan Freed.

May 11

The motion picture "Harlem Variety Revue" opens across the country. The film stars Faye Adams, Amos Milburn and the Larks, among others.

May 13

In Los Angeles, Joe Houston and his band entertain the dancers at the 5-4 Ballroom this weekend.

The Apollo Theater hosts Wynonie Harris and the Regals for the week.

Al Hibbler starts a five-day appearance at the Royal Peacock in Atlanta.

"The Biggest Show of 55," featuring Roy Hamilton, LaVern Baker, the Drifters, Willie Mabon, the Hearts, the Spaniels, Jimmy reed and the combos of Little Walkin' Willie and Erskine Hawkins start a six-week tour with a show in Oklahoma City. The tour will play dates throughout the Southwest. South, including New Orleans on the 18th and the East Coast before winding up with a show in western New York on June 26.

The "Rhytmn and Blues Caravan plays the Howard Theater for a week. Featured performers include the Moonglows, Etta James and Memphis Slim.

At the Chicago Theater, Pat Boone shares the stage with the Mariners for two weeks.

In Los Angeles, Dootone Records sues Mercury Records for allegedly inducing the Penguins to break their three-year contract with Dootone. In a related matter,

Jessie Belvin and Johnny Green file suit in Los Angeles claiming that they wrote "Earth Angel" the big hit for the Penguins ascribed to Curtis Williams, a member of the group. The court places an injunction against Dootone Records, requiring all monies generated from the sale of "Earth Angel" be placed in a trust.

May 15
         Ruth Brown travels to the Crown Propeller Lounge in Chicago.

        Baton Records announces that it has found a name for its previously unnamed vocal group. Through popular consent. the group will be called the Miracles. A
        new release will be out shortly.

        T-Bone Walker is currently playing a series of dates around his hometown of Chicago, while he recuperates from an operation.

May 16
        Fats Domino is welcomed for a short stay at the Showboat in Philadelphia.

May 18
        Earl Bostic takes his combo to the Blackhawk Cafe in San Francisco for two weeks

May 20
        Alan Fred brings his ""Rock 'N'' Roll Show" to Boston's Loews State Theater for a seven-day run. Entertainers include Dinah Washington, Al Hibbler, Dakota
        Staton, Little Walter, Moonglows, the Five Keys, Bo Diddley,Nappy Brown, Ella Johnson and the Buddy Johnson Orchestra.

        Roy Milton plays the 5-4 Ballroom for a three-day weekend.

       Arthur Prysock and Della Reese share the bill for two week at Detroit. Flame Show Bar.

       Charlie and Ray open for two weeks at the Royal Peacock in Atlanta.

May 21
        "Shake, Rattle and Roll," the ten inch long play album by Bill Haley and His Comets is released by Decca.

May 22
        The owner of the Otis Ballroom in Bridgeport, Connecticut cancels a scheduled dance when he discovered that Fats Domino will be playing rock 'n' roll music.
        The police have banned a rock 'n' roll dances following a report of a riot at the New Haven Arena during a rock 'n' roll concert.

May 23
        The Four Buddies and Rudy Greene entertain at Chicago's first rock 'n' roll dance at the City Bowl Park.

May 27
        Alan Freed take his "Rock 'N' Roll Show" to Providence, Rhode Island for three days.

        The Bill Doggett Trio entertains at the 5-4 Ballroom for the weekend.

        Lionel Hampton and his band headline the Apollo Theater revue for the week.

        In Washington, the Howard Theater hosts the Orioles, Gene and Eunice and Jimmy Witherspoon for the week.

       The Dew Drop Inn features Floyd Dixon for three days.

May 29
        Joe Turner, Smiley Lewis and the Joe Morris Orchestra hold forth for the evening at the Labor Union Hall in New Orleans.

May 30
        Bill Haley and His Comets start a week at the Colonial Tavern in Toronto. The group makes its first major television appearance as the guest of the Milton
        Berle show on the 31st.

May 31
        Roy Milton on a tour of one-nighters, makes a stop in Denver

Late May
       The Clovers are booked into the Palm Club in Hallendale, Florida.

       Bo Diddley is the inaugural act at the new Figueroa Ballroom in Los Angeles. He performs for five days.

       Steve Gibson and His Red Caps with Damita Jo returns to New York's Cafe Society for a month.

June 3
        The weekend entertainment at the 5-4 Ballroom features the Jewels for three days.

        The Apollo Theater offers Linda Hayes and Nappy Brown fronting the Prez Prado Combo for this week's entertainment.

         In Lubbock, Texas, in the middle of a month-long tour Elvis Presley gives a free performance at a Pontiac dealership along with local country performers,
         Buddy and Bob.

June 5
        "The Big Show" featuring Roy Hamilton. LaVern Baker, the Drifters, the Spaniels. Jimmy Reed and the Hearts, plays a one-night stand at Washington's
         National Guard Armory.

June 5
        Lowell Fulson and Choker Campbell' Orchestra open at the Palm Club in Hallendale, Florida.

Early June
        The Du Droppers are playing dates in Canada. Also on tour are Amos Milburn the Clovers and the Paul William's Orchestra in Texas.

        The first release from Atlantic's Twin Tones has stirred up trade action as inquisitive deejays are guessing who the members are.

        Charlie Hughes, lead singer of the Du Droppers' latest release, signs a contract as a solo artist with Groove Records.

        MGM Records signs eighteen-year old Connie Francis, who had previously appeared on the Horn and Hardhardt children's show.

        Following the demise of Bruce Records, the Harptones sign with Old Town Records.

       Mercury Records establishes a new subsidiary, Wing Records. New r&b talent assigned to the label includes Jay Hawkins and Titus Turner.

June 8
        Earl Bostic starts two-weeks at the 1042 Club in Anchorage, Alaska.

        The Charms open for five days at the Figueroa Ballroom in Los Angeles.

June 9
        The Five Keys are at the Copa Ballroom in Pittsburgh.

June 10
        "Dr. Jive Rhythm and Blues Show" fills the Apollo Theater with music for the week

         Featured entertainers include Gene and Eunice, the Four Fellows, Delores Ware, the Nutmegs, Bo Diddley, Etta James, Charlie and Ray, the Moonglows and
         the Buddy Johnson Orchestra featuring Ella Johnson.

         Rusty Bryant blows foe patrons at the Weeke's Tavern in Atlantic City.

June 13
        The Graystone Gardens and Ballroom in Detroit presents "The Big Show" with Roy Hamilton, LaVern Baker, the Drifters, the Spaniels, Willie Mabon, Jimmy
        Reed, the Hearts and Della Reese for the evening's entertainment.

June 15
        Lowell Fulson starts a five-day layover at Los Angeles' Figueroa Ballroom.

June 17
        The Nutmegs, T-Bone Walker and Buddy Johnson Orchestra featuring Ella Johnston are booked for a week at the Howard Theater.

        Sam "The Man" Taylor has his first major booking at the Apollo Theater. Also on the bill are the Orioles, Etta James and the Peaches and Baby Washington.

        Ruth Brown, Bo Diddley, Dean Barlow, the Dreams, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Charlie and Ray and the Diamonds entertain for two shows at the Philadelphia
        Town Hall.

        The Ernie Fields Combo plays for the dancers at the 5-4 Ballroom for the weekend.

June 21
        Joe Liggins and the Honeydrippers open in Los Angeles at the Sirocco club.

June 24
        The second edition of the "Rock 'n' Show" plays the Philadelphia Arena. Featured on the bill are Bill Haley and His Comets, the Cardinals. Gloria Mann,
        Jimmy Ricks and the Ravens, Varetta Dillard, the Nutmegs and the Buddy Johnson Orchestra.

        Etta James opens for two weeks at the Flame Show Bar.

        At the 5-4 Ballroom, the headliners for this weekend are the Medallions and the Johnny Fuller Band.

        Bo Diddley and Faye Adams share the bill for the week at the Howard Theater.

       The Apollo Theater plays host to Big Maybelle, the Harptones and Gene Ammons' Combo.

June 25
        It is reported in the music press that Bill Haley and His Comets have sold an astounding three million singles in their first thirteen months with Decca Records,
        "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and "rock Around the Clock" have each sold more than a million copies.

June 27
        LaVern Baker moves into the Showboat Lounge in Philadelphia.

July 1
       Ivory Joe Hunter opens at the New Era Club in Nashville.

       At the Apollo Theater, the Drifters and Illinois Jacquet entertain for the week

       The Charms and Marvin and Johnny start a three-day run at the 5-4 Ballroom.

July 3
       Rusty Bryant is booked into the Hollywood Club in Akron, Ohio.

       The Jaguars and the Savoys play a one-nighter at the Will Rogers Auditorium in Los Angeles.

July 4
       Bullmoose Jackson starts a two-week stay at the Zanzibar Club in Buffalo, New York.

July 5
       Gleason's in Cleveland welcomes Big Maybelle for a two-week stay.

       Also in Cleveland, radio station WINS sues Alan Freed after he was sued, in turn, by "Moondog," the New York street performer, for allowing Fred to use the
       "Moondog" name on the air. The station claims that Freed told them the "Moondog" name was fully protected.

July 7
       Dinah Washington appears at the Basin Street in New York for two weeks.

Early July
        Mercury Records, in a moved designed to help rhythm and blues and country and western to cross over into pop stream music. consolidates the color scheme
        for all its single releases. Previously, rhythm and blues singles were issued with a pink label. country and western with a green label and pop with a maroon
        label. All singles will be released with a black label as the color labels are phased out.

July 8
       The Drifters open at Weeke's Tavern in Atlantic City.

       The "Hal Jackson Rhythm and Blues Show," featuring Willie Mabon, Titus Turner, the Solitaires, the Cadillacs and the Arnett Cobb's Band play the Apollo for
       a week.

       The 5-4 Ballroom offers the Penguins and Percy Mayfield for three days,

       The Harptones spend the weekend in Pennsylvania performing a series of one-nighters in Harrisburg, Altoona and Johnson.

July 9
       Fats Domino becomes only the second rhythm and blue artist to be awarded Billboard magazines' "Triple Crown" as "Ain't That A Shame" tops all three r&b

July 10
       The "Pop R&B Show" starts two month tour with it's evening show at Chicago's Trianon Ballroom. The tour features Sarah Vaughn, Al Hibbler, Red Prysock,
       Nappy Brown, Muddy Water, the Moonglows. the Cardinals among many other headliners. The tour winds up August 6 after traveling through Texas and the

       Lowell Fulson plays for the Sunday night dancers at the Elks Ballroom in Los Angeles.

July 15
       The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angels hosts the "Annual Rhythm and Blues Jamboree," featuring Earl Bostic, the Meadowlarks, Chuck Higgins, the Clovers,
       Marvin and Johnny, the Voices and the Jewels.

       The Clovers do double duty this evening as they as open for three days with the Paul Williams Combo at the 5-4 Ballroom

       Groove Records recently signed the Cheeks. Other recent signings include the Sparks Of Rhythm with Apollo and blues-singer Irene Reed with Savoy

       Clyde McPhatter formally announces that he is leaving the Drifters and will continue to record as a single artist for Atlantic. He has been a member of the U.S.
       Army since May 1954 and has recorded with the group once during that time.

       Ruth Brown is at the Patio Club in Philadelphia.

       Bill Haley and His Comets following a successful booking at the Regal Theater in Chicago, are booked on an extensive tour of one-night stands starting in
       Maryland and continuing through Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana
       Ohio, Nebraska and Kansas. Also scheduled are stops in Canada

       Guitar Slim and T-Bone Walker are touring night spots in Texas.

July 22
       Earl Bostic starts a three-day layover at the 5-4 Ballroom.

       In Baltimore, the Royal Theater offers the Orioles for a week.

July 23
      Atlantic Records reports that the company will be a new subsidiary label to be called Atlas Records, Talent signed to the new label include the Royal Jokers,
      New Orleans blues-shooter Billy Nightingale a Jesse Stone.

      It is reported that "Shake, Rattle and Roll" by Bill Haley and His Comets is to be included in the movie "how To Be Very, Very Popular." starring Sheree North,
      following the success of "Rock Around The Clock" in "Blackboard Jungle." In addition, Haley's "Razzle-Dazzle" is to be featured in "Running Wild" with Mamie
      Van Doren.

July 24
       LaVern Baker graces the state at the Lord Calvert Hotel in Miami for one week.

July 29
     Faye Adams starts a week at the Flame Show Bar.

     Gene and Eunice front the Gene Ammons Combo for two three-day weekends at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles. Also in town for three days, Pee Wee
     Crayton headlines the show at the Harlem Club.

July 30

      Bill Haley is awarded the Billboard magazine Triple Crown" as "Rock Around the Clock" top all three pop record charts.

Late July
      Despite their earlier proclamation that rhythm and blues was a declining in popularity, pop record companies continue to heavily cover r&b tunes. Recent cover
      versions include "Gum Drop," originally by Otis Williams, covered by the Crew-Cuts; "Seventeen" originally by Boyd Bennett, covered by Rusty Drapper; the
      Fontane Sisters and Ella Mae Morse, "Razzle-Dazzle" by Bill Haley, covered by Ella Mae Morse; "Story Untold," originally by the Nutmegs, covered by the
      Crew-Cuts; "The Wallflower" originally by Etta James, covered by Georgia Gibbs; "Ain't It A Shame," originally by Fats Domino, covered by Pat Boone as
      "Ain't That A Shame;  "Piddily Patter" originally by Nappy Brown, covered by Patti Page and "Song Of The Dreamer," originally by Billy Brooks, covered by
      Johnnie Raye and Eddie Fisher.

August 2
       LaVern Baker spends five days at Gleason's in Cleveland.

August 3
      As an example of speed with which one record company could cover another artist's record, at a 2 p.m. session in New York, Georgia Gibbs, Mercury
      Records recording star, records a version of Lillian Biggs' "I Want You To Be My Babby." By the next morning, the deejays in the area are already receiving
      acetate copies of Gibbs' version and August 5th regular copies are in stores.

August 5
      The Nutmegs start a three-day stand at the Copa Casino in Youngstown, Ohio.

      The Four Fellows play a one-nighter at the Royal Peacock In Atlanta.

      Arthur Prysock is booked for a three-week run at the Club Ebony in Houston.

      Roy Hamilton opens in Washington at the Casino Royal for three days.

      "Rock 'N' Roll Revue" opens across the country. The motion picture features, Nat Cole, Lionel Hampton, Joe Turner, Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, Ruth
       Brown, the Clovers and the Delta Rhythm Boys.

August 6
       The Trinidad Club in Cleveland hosts the Four Fellows for a three-day stint.

       The "Pop R&B Show" plays a one-nighter at the Watergate Theater in Washington to close out its four week tour.

       Billy Haley files a lawsuit in Philadelphia against his former label, Essex Records, in an attempt to stop them from reissuing old recordings, which Haley feels are
      of "inferior quality" to his recent Decca releases.

      In New Orleans, Larry Darnell is the featured performer at the grand opening of the Cavern Club.

      Atlantic Records launches its new subsidiary, Atco Records. the new company had originally planned to be named Atlas Records.

August 7
      The Penguins and Big Jay McNeeley's Band entertain at the Elks Ballroom in Los Angeles.

Early August
      The Drifters, following a four-day engagement at the Farmer Dell Club in Dayton, Ohio, are off on a series of one-nighters that will take them to California.

      Gene and Eunice play a one-night stand in El Paso on their current swing through the Southwest.

August 8
      The Casino Royale in Philadelphia plays host to Della Reese.

      Bill Haley and His Comets play the Broadway-Capitol in Detroit for three days.

August 9
      Rusty Bryant stops over for a week's engagement at the Club Zanzibar in Buffalo, New York.

      Bill Doggett returns to his hometown of Philadelphia to play at Pep's Musical Bar.

August 11
      Roy Hamilton fronts the Buddy Johnson Orchestra featuring Ella Johnson at Basin Street in New York for two-weeks.

      In New Orleans, Dave Bartholomew; Combo is featured at the Lincoln Beach Midway for the evening.

August 12
            Ruth Brown, the Clovers, Little Willie John and the Paul Williams Orchestra appear at the Apollo Theater for the week.

            Charlie Fuqua's Ink Spots are continuing a Canadian tour with a two-week engagement in Hull, Quebec.

            T-Bone Walker is welcomed for a two-week engagement at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

            The Platters start an eight-week run at the Show Bar of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

August 15
           Chuck Berry makes his initial showing at Gleason's in Cleveland. Following the engagement, he travels to the Copa Casino in Youngstown, Ohio and
            Paramount Theater in New York.

            Al Hibbler holds court for a week at the Hollywood Club in Akron, Ohio.

            Earl Bostic plays the Stealer's Home of Jazz in Milwaukee.

           Roy Brown is booked into the Palms in Hallendale, Florida.

           The "5" Royales are currently on tour of the South and Southwest. In a related story, Lowman Pauling, the leader of the "5" Royales. files a lawsuit in New
           York City against his former label. Apollo Records. He asks the court to require an accounting of all royalties and rights to songs he wrote will at the

           Recent signings include the Cavaliers, a new Philadelphia group, with Atlantic and the Empirers, previously on Harlem, with Wing.

          Sonny Thompson, Lula Reed and the Champions are booked solid through the end of the year. They play the South and Southwest into September and the
          West Coast through Christmas.

         Atlantic, Savoy, Decca, Capitol and Dootone announce t5hat they will soon be releasing r&b material on 12-inch long-play records. They will also greatly
         increase the output of rhythm and blues 45 rpm extended-play records.

August 19
           "D. Jive's Rhythm and Blues Show" returns to the Apollo Theater for a week. Extra performances have to be added each day to accommodate the overflow
            crowd, Featured performers include the Spaniels, Charlie and Ray, the Hearts, Joe Turner, the Five Keys, Bo Diddley, the Moonglows and the Griffin
            Brothers' Orchestra. Following the week's run, many of the performers join the "Top Ten Revue" tour.

           At Lincoln Beach in New Orleans, Dinah Washington performs for the midway crowd.

           Pee Wee Crayton plays the blues during his three-day stay at the 5-4 Ballroom.

August 22
            The Four Fellows headline for a week at the Copa in Pittsburgh.

August 26
           "The Top Ten Review" takes to the road with a show in St. Louis. The tour will be 60-days through the East, Midwest, Southwest and South. Performers
            include the Clovers. Gene and Eunice, the Five Keys, Joe Turner, Bo Diddley, Etta James, Jimmy Reed. Charlie and Ray, Faye Adams. Bill Doggett, the
            Charms and the Paul Williams Orchestra. Other date for the tour include Memphis (27th) and New Orleans (28th).

            Roy Hamilton starts two-weeks at the Cat and Fiddle Club  in Nassau, Bahamas.

            The "Big Blues-O-Rama" starts a six-week tour. Featured entertainers include the Cardinals, Little "Wakin' Willie, Jimmy Reed and Little "junior" Lewis.

            The Apollo Theater offers the Moonglows, Baby Dee and the Jimmy Smith Trio this week.

            Pat Boone is the headliner at the Chicago Theater this week.

August 28
            In New Orleans, Arthur Prysock and Earl King share the spotlight at the Labor Union Hall tonight.

August 29
            The Charlie Fuqua Ink Spots start a week at Toronto.

Late August
           The Ravens are touring the the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia and Florida into next month.

           Fortune Records signs the Five Dollars.

September 2
          Alan Freed's "Big Rock 'N' Roll Show' opens the week at the Paramount Theater in New York. The show features Tony Bennett, the Harptones,
          Moonglows, Chuck Berry, the Cardinals, the Nutmegs, Lillian Briggs, Sam "The Man" Taylor, Nappy Brown and the Red Prysock Orchestra. Bennett
          becomes ill and only plays the first day.

          Roy Hamilton plays a weekend engagement at Michigan State University.

          The Larks and Betty McLaurain back by Tito Puente's mambo orchestra starts a week at the Apollo Theater.

          The Regal Theater in Chicago hosts the "Rhythm In Blues Revue," featuring the Buddy Johnson Band with Ella Johnson, al Savage, LaVern Baker, the
          Spaniels the Orchids and the Four fellows.

          Al Hibbler heads the show at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

         Willie Mabon is at the Blue Flame in East St. Louis, Illinois.

         The 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles, presents the Penguins with the Chuck Higgins Combo for the three-day weekend.

         Boyd Bennett and His Rockets are part of the revue for two weeks at the Chicago Theater with Patti Page.

September 5
        Sil Austin appears for a week at the Zanzibar Club in Buffalo, New York.

Early September
       Fats Domino is currently plain "pop" clubs in New London, Connecticut and Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, as well as the usual r&B clubs on his East Coast

       Roy Hamilton is at the St. Louis; Riveria Club.

       Billy Ward and His Dominoes open at New York's Copacabana for six weeks following three weeks at Harrah's Club in Lake Tahoe.. The group is currently
       negotiating for a weekly half-hour television show.

September 9
      Buddy Johnson's "Big Rock and Roll Show' starts a two-month tour. Featured performers include Chuck Berry, the Nutmegs, the Cardinals, the Spaniels and
      the Four Fellows.

      Ruth Brown, the Moonglows an Guitar Slim share top billing at Washington's Howard Theater.

     Roy Milton headlines at the 54- Ballroom for a week.

September 10
      Chuck Berry becomes the third r&b artist to be awarded Billboard magazine;s "R&B Triple Crown" for "Maybellene."

September 12
      The Buddy Johnson package tour plays a one-nighter at the Graystone Ballroom in Detroit. Featured in tonight's lineup are Chuck Berry, the Nutmegs, the Four
       Fellows, the Spaniels, Ella Johnson and Al Savage.

       The Brass Rail in London, Ontario, hosts Sil Austin's show for a week.

September 14
       Steve Gibson and His Red Caps are booked for a month at the Cafe Society in New York.

Mid September
       Imperial Records starts a new subsidiary, Post Records. Talent already signed to the new label includes T-Bone Walker, the Kidds and the Hawks, all
       previously recording for the parent company.

       Ivory Joe Hunter is currently touring through Texas.

       Grant Records announces the signing of the Dreamers to a contract.

       The music press reports that Bill Haley will probably earn $300,000 to $500,000 this year from tours alone. By way of comparison, B.B. King will only bring in
       $30,000 from over 300 days on tour.

      AmPar Records officially changes its name to ABC-Parmount Records.

September 16
      Billy Holiday graces the stage of the Apollo theater for a week. Al Hibbler takes over the Copa Casino in Youngstown, Ohio.

     The Drifters, backed by the Joe Houston Band, entertain for three-days at the 5-4 Ballroom.

September 17
      Alan Freed expands his on-air time as WINS radio schedules his show from 6 to 9 p.m and 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. weeknights and 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and
      Saturday nights.

September 19
      Sil Austin begins a week-long stint at Darrow's Lounge in Cleveland.

September 23
      T-Bone Walker starts two-weeks at Detroit's Flame Show Bar.

      At the 5-4 Ballroom, Lowell Fulson appears for a week.

September 24
       Bill Haley hires a new group of Comets to replace the three members that left the group. The new Comets are Francis Beecher (guitar), Rudy Pompelli (sax),
      Rex (bass) and   Don Raymond (drums).

      In a related story, the departing Comets are joining Capitol records. The ex-Comets are Joe D'Ambrosia (sax); Dick Reynolds (drum) and Marshall Lytle
      (bass). The group will be called the Jodimars (arrived at by combining portions of their first names). Joining the group are Charles Hess (guitar), Jim Buffington
      (drums) and Bob Simpson (piano).

September 25
      "The Big Rock 'N' Show" plays the New Orleans Municipal Auditorium. Featured performers are the Buddy Johnson's Band. the Chuck Berry Trio, the
      Spaniels, the Nutmegs, the Four Fellows, Al Savage, Ella Johnson and Arthur Prysock. Also in town, Ray Charles appears at the Labor Union Hall tonight.

September 30
      Al Hibbler, LaVern Baker, the El Dorados, the Hearts and the Red Prysock Combo perform at the Howard Theater in Washington.

      The Apollo Theater hosts the Royal Jokers backed by Lucky Millender Orchestra for the week.

      The Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles re-opens following some legal problems. Louis Jordan headlines for two three-day weekends. Also in town, Sarah
      Churchill and Oscar McLollie perform at the 504 Ballroom for the weekend.

October 3
       Boyd Bennett and His Rockets open at the Town Casino in Buffalo following their engagement at the Chicago heater.

October 6
       Connie Francis opens for a week at the LaVie Club in New York.

October 7
        LaVern Baker, Al Hibbler, the El Dorados and Red Prysock combo share the stage for a week at the Apollo Theater.

        The second annual "Rock And Roll Dance" is held at the Moose Auditorium in Trenton, New Jersey. Featured performers include the
        Moonglows/Moonlighters with Arnett Cobb's Band.

        The Jodimars are booked for a week at the Palace Theater  in New York as part of the revue.

        Sonny Thompson and the Champions start a three-day appearance at the 5-4 Ballroom.

October 8
        In Los Angeles, the Medallions. the Gaylarks and the Calvanes entertain at the Masonic Ballroom for the evening.

        The Palace Theater in New Orleans presents the "Big Blues-O-Rama' show, featuring the Cardinals, Little "Junior" Lewis, Jimmy Reed and Little "Walking"
        Willie as the tour winds down.

October 9
         John Lee Hooker and the Turbans play a one-nighter at the Stan Pan Bar in Detroit.

October 10
         Bill Haley joins country music star Hank Snow on a tour with tonight's opening performance in Omaha.

         Over 6,000 attend the show. During the next three days with shows in Lincoln (11th) and Topeka (12th0, almost 17,000 will attend. On the 13th, Elvis
         Presley joins for a show in Oklahoma City.

October 14
        Sonny Til and the newly re-formed Orioles share the bill with Joni James at the Chicago Theater for two weeks.

        The Apollo Theater hosts Roy Hamilton, the Cardinals and Eddie Heywood Combo for a week.

        Al Hibbler, Lillian Briggs, Red Prysock, the Moonglows, Mickey and Sylvia and Sreamin' Jay Hawkins are Philadelphia's Academy of Music performing two
        shows that attract a total five thousand fans.

        In Detroit, Otis Williams and the Charms open at the Roosevelt Lounge for two days.

       The 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles presents Lowell Fulson and Dakota Staton for the weekend. Also in town, Louis Jordan stops for a night to perform for the
       dancers at the Elks Ballroom before starting a lengthy date at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.

       George Woods, popular rhythm and blues deejay on WHAT radio and successful promoter of r&b stages shows, is fired. His spot is filled by a man that the
       station manager calls "very Sweet and cooperative."

       Performers currently on tour are Fats Domino and Ray Charles Playing dates in the Texas-Oklahoma area, Percy Mayfield traveling through the Southwest,
       Tiny Bradshaw working the Midwest, the Midnighters performing a series of one-nighter dances in the South and Billy ward and His Dominoes at Pep's
       Musical Bar in Philadelphia.

       Atlantic Records buys the small independent label Spark Records of Los Angeles. Atlantic acquires all the master recording as well as the talents of Spark
       owners Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, well known songwriters in the rhythm and blues field. The top recording group for Spark Records has been the Robins,
       but the group has recently split up. A new group will be formed that will feature the lead tenor and bass singer from the Robins.

October 16
       Pee Wee Crayton plays a one-night stand at the Club Harlem in Los Angeles.

October 17
       The "Top Ten Revue' plays the Madison Theater in Detroit on its regular on-nighter trip across the country.

October 20
       Roy Hamilton opens for four days at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles.

October 21
      The Platters make their debut at the Apollo Theater this week, The group just finished eight weeks at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Also on the bill is
      Varetta Dillard.

      Roy Hamilton heads the show at the Howard Theater for a week.

      The Turks, Johnny "Guitar" Watson and Chuck Higgins share the billing for a weekend at the 5-4 Club.

October 27
      Roy Milton is back by popular demand at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles for another four-day weekend.

October 28
      The "Lucky Eleven Blues Show" starts on a three-month tour with a week at the Apollo Theater. The show features Jack Dupree, Earl King, Little Willie John,
      Otis Williams, Marie Knight and Hal "Cornbread" Singer's Band. The tour will make its way through the South and Midwest before finishing about New Year's
      on the West Coast.

      Fats Domino is at the 5-4 Ballroom for three days,

October 29
      The "Top Ten Revue" closes out three months touring with a show at Carnegie Hall in New York. This is the first exclusive R&B show to play this venue.
      Featured performers are Faye Adams, Bo Diddley, the Five Keys, the Clovers, Joe Turner, Bill Doggett, the Charms, Charlie and Ray, Etta James, Gene and
      Eunice and the Paul Williams Orchestra.

November 2
      The "Rock 'N' Revue" at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles features Dinah Washington, Big Jay McNeeley, Joe Houston, the Platter, the Penguins and the

November 3
      In Los Angeles, Fats Domino is held over for four-days at the 5-4 Ballroom and Johnny Otis and Marie Adams entertain at the Savoy Ballroom for the

November 4
      Buddy Johnson's "Big Rock & Roll Show" winds up its two-month- long tour with two week's at the Howard Theater in Washington.

      Joe Turner appears for six days at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

      Following a successful week at the Apollo Theater, the "Lucky Eleven Blues Show" takes to the road with a performance in Pittsburgh tonight. Other stops will
      include Cleveland (6th), Detroit (7th-8th); Indianapolis (9th); Evansville, Indiana ( (10th); Davenport, Iowa * 11th); Saginaw, Michigan (12th); Toledo, Ohio
      (13th); Cincinnati (14th); Chattanooga (15th); Atlanta (16th); Tuskeegee, Alabama (17th); Jacksonville, Florida (18th); Miami (20th); Durham, North Carolina
      (22nd); Roanoke (23rd); and Raleigh (24th) before stopping for a week  at the Howard Theater in Washington (25th).

Early November
      The Fi-Tones formerly the Cavaliers on Atlas, sign with Mercury and Little Jimmy Scott signs with Savoy.

      Screamin' Jay Hawkins is currently playing Spider Kelly's in Philadelphia.

November 11
      The "Top Ten Revue" stops for a week at the Howard Theater. Featured performers are the Clovers, the Solitaires, Joe Turner and Five Keys.

      The Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles features Dinah Washington for four days. She is held over for the upcoming weekend

      B.B. King performs for the first of two weekends at the 5-4 Ballroom.

November 12
      Pat Boone is voted "the Most Promising Vocalist" in pop music in Billboard magazine's annual disk jockey poll. Elvis Presley is voted "Most Promising Male
      Vocalist" in country and western music, while Chuck Berry garners the same award in r&b music. This week, Billboard also awards the Platters a "Triple
      Crown" in rhythm and blues music for topping all three r&b charts with Only You.

November 13
     Roy Charles, the Moonglows, the Cadillacs. Five Crowns and Charlie and Ray entertain a large crown in New York at the Rockland Palace.

November 14

     Buddy Johnson and his sister Ella open for three weeks at the Copa in Pittsburgh.

     Jules Bihari of Modern Records purchases the California Record Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles, which expands his record producing output to 30,000
     singles a day.

November 16
     Ruth Brown, Count Basie, Joe Williams, George Shearling, the Orioles, T-Bone Walker and the Jacks begin a tour with a show in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

November 18
     "Hal Jackson's Rhythm and Blues Revue"lays the Apollo Theater for a week.Featured performers include the Valentines, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, the Four
      Fellows. Arthur Prysock, the Solitaires, the Chuck Berry Trio and Buddy Johnson's Orchestra featuring Ella Johnson.

     Detroit's Flame Show Bar presents Al Hibbler and the Royal Jokers for a week.

November 20
     Elvis Presley signs a three year contract with RCA Victor Records. His previous recording contract had been bought from Sun Records for $35,000 with
     Presley receiving an additional $5,000 for back royalties.

    "The Ed Sullivan Show" on CBS-TV presents a special fifteen-minute segment hosted by "Dr. Jive (Tommy Smalls) that feature LaVern Baker, Bo Diddley and
     the Five Keys.

November 21
     Bubber Johnson starts a three week engagement at the New Marinas Club in Washington.

November 23
     Bill Haley and His Comets. Johnnie Ray and LaVern Baker are booked for five days at the Paramount Theater in Brooklyn. The gate receipts exceed &56,000.

November 24
     Sonny Thompson and Lulu Reed appear at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles for the weekend.

November 25
     Chuck Berry, Nappy Brown. Big Maybelle, the Cardinals, the Nutmegs and the Red Prysock Band appear at the Royal Theater in Chicago for two weeks.

     The Howard Theater offers a full bill for the Thanksgiving weekend patrons in the form of the "Lucky Eleven Blues Show"; Earl King, Jack Dupree, Little Willie
     John. the Charms, Marie Knight and the Hal Singer Orchestra. Following this week, the caravan takes off for shows in the South and on the West Coast through

November 26
      Charlie and Ray entertain nightly at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit for the week

     A film short starring Cleveland deejay Bill Randle is cancelled in mid-production because of a In Los Angeles, Guitar Slim, Johnny "guitar" Watson and Young
     Jessie appear at the 5-4 Ballroom.dispute between Universal Films, the producer of the short and CBS-TV in New York. Artists scheduled to appear in the
     short were Bill Haley and His Comets, LaVern Baker, Johnnie Ray, Roy Hamilton. Gloria Mann, the CHordes, the Crew-Cuts, the McGuirre Sisters and Elvis

     In New Orleans, the Dew Drop Inn schedules Paul Monday to back the cocontnuous run of strippers

November 27
     Fats Domino opens at the Club Harem in Los Angeles.

Late November
     Federal Records sues Mercury Records claiming prior rights to the song "Only You" by the Platters. The group had recorded it for Federal in May 1954, but the
     company thought it was poorly produced and didn't release it at that time.

     Savoy Records signs bandleaders Hal "Cornbread" singer and Buddy Lucas to recording contracts.

     Earl Bostic is currently touring along the East Coast

December 1
     Bubber Johnson starts four days at the Veterans Club in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

     The Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles presents a four-day show featuring Nappy Brown and Percy Mayfield.

December 2
     Fats Domino headlines the three-day weekend show at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles before leaving on a tour of Texas and the East Coast.

     The Apollo Theater features the Cadillacs, the Pearls and Sil Ausin Combo or the week.

December 3
     Bill Haley and His Comets pack the Keith Theater in Baltimore with over four thousands showing up for the two shows.

December 5
     Alan Freed receives several awards at the annual Broadcast Music, Incorporated (BMI) dinner in new York for his assistance in getting BMI records played on
      radio. Performers during the evening include LaVern Baker.

     The Chatterbox Club in Cleveland hosts the Bubber Johnson Orchestra for a week.

Early December
     Lloyd Price returns to civilian life after twenty-one months with the U.S. Armory.

     At the Magnolia Ballroom in Atlanta, the Drifters beat the El Dorados in a mock "Battle Of The Quartets."

     Dootone Records signs the Four Pipes and the Cool Notes.

     Grove Records announces the signing of a new group from Detroit, the Nitecaps.

     Chuck Berry opens for two weeks at the Stage Club in Chicago.

December 8
     B.B. King begins four days at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles. Also in town, Johnny Otis at the Rutland Inn for the evening, while the Ernie Freeman Combo
     is playing the Backstage Bar for an extended engagement.

December 9
     The Flame Show Bar presents Willie Mabon for the week. Across town, Jack Dupree is at the Roosevelt Lounge.

     The Dew Drop Inn books Larry Darnell for a three-day weekends through the end of the year.

     The Turbans and Nolan Strong and the Diablos headline the show at the Apollo Theater.

December 11
     The Drifters start at the Lord Calvert Club in Miami.

December 12

     LaVern Baker headlines a week-long show at the Mastbaum Theater in Philadelphia,. Other entertainers include the Valentines, the El Dorados, Screamin' Jay
     Hawkins, Gloria Mann. Red Prysock and Bubber Johnsons' Orchestra.

December 15
     Joe Houston and Oscar Peterson entertain at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles for four days.

     Ekko Records recording artist Eddie Bond returns to his hometown Memphis after several play dates in the Louisville, Kentucky area. His latest release is
     "Double Duty Lovin." Ekko's other rockabilly. the Cochran Brothers (Hank and Johnny), have completed an extended tour that started on the West Coast and
      ended up in Arizona and Kansas.

     In a reverse move, rhythm and blues giant Chess starts a "pop" subsidiary, Marterry Records.

     Neshui Ertegun joins his brother Ahmet as a partner in Atlantic Records.

December 16
     Bullmoose Jackson brings his orchestra to the Flame Show Bar in Detroit for a week.

     Joe Turner and Floyd Dixon are appearing at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles for a three days. Also in town, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Tony Allen and the
     Champs for three days at the Bard's Theater.

December 17

    Bill Haley and His Comets play the first of two days at the Court Square Theater in Springfield, Massachusetts. The break the house records with a two-day
    gross of $5,000.

    Elvis Presley signs for four consecutive appearances on Jackie Gleason's "Stage Show" program that will broadcast nationally over CBS-TV beginning January
    28, 1956. He will be paid $1250 per show.

December 20
    Shirley and Lee with the Joe Jones Orchestra start on a tour of the South.

December 22
    LaVern Baker headlines the twelve-day "Rock ;N' Roll Holiday" show hosted by Alan Freed at the Academy Of Music in New York. Also on the bill are the
    Three Chuckles, the Cadillacs, the Valentines, Gloria Mann, the Heartbeats, the Wrens, Boyd Bennett and His Rockets, the Al Sears Orchestra with Sam "The
    Man" Taylor and the Count Basie Band with Joe Williams.

   The Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles presents Big Jay McNeeley, the Gaylarks and Shirley Gunter and the Queens for three days.

December 23
    Chuck Berry starts a tw0 week tour of one-nighters.

    At the Brooklyn Paramount, Dr. Jive opens the holiday revue featuring Pat Boone, the Cheers, Ruth Brown, Bo Diddley. the Five Keys, the Turbans and Willis
    Jackson's Orchestra.

   Willie Dixon is booked at the Blue Flame in East St. Louis, Illinois, for twelve days.

   The Orioles, Sonny Boy Williamson and Nolan Strong and the Diablos entertain for a week at the Howard Theater.

    Percy Mayfield is scheduled through Christmas at the Rutland Inn in Los Angeles. Also in town, Ray Charles opens for a three-day weekend at the 5-4 Ballroom.

    The Clovers headline the Apollo Theater for a week.

December 26
     Della Reese, the El Dorados, Big Maybelle, the Royal Jokers and James Moody's Combo entertain at the Graystone Ballroom in Detroit.

December 29
    The Drifters return to Atlanta's Magnolia Gardens, the site of their success in the recent "Battle Of The Quartets."

    Johnny Otis plays a one-nighter at the Rutland Inn in Los Angeles.

December 30
     Lloyd Price, the Turbans,Band and the Cardinals are featured at the Howard Theater.

     Faye Adams starts a week at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

     In Los Angeles, Louis Jordan plays for two nights at the Savoy Ballroom, Joe Turner and Floyd Dixon open for the tree-day weekend at the 5-4 Ballroom and
     Chuck Higgins and his band are at the Rutland Inn Through New Year's Eve.

December 31
     The Plaza Theater in Buffalo, New York, boasts a fine New Year's lineup with Clyde McPhatter headlining the show.

     Screamin' Jay Hawkins plays the Mandy Lounge in Buffalo, New York.

     The New Year's eve party at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles features the newly re-formed Robins, Joe Turner, Oscar McLollie, Gene and Eunice and the

Late December

     Bull Moose Jackson. formerly with King Records and Savannah Churchill previously with Decca and RCA Victor, sign with Chess Records.

     The music press reports that 1955 record sales are up more than forty percent over 1954.

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