Daily Events 1954

January 6
             Amos Milburn backed by the Paul Williams Band starts on a tour of the South with their first one-stop in Columbia, Georgia

             Sarah Vaughn and the Four Aces share the stage for two weeks at the Chicago Theater.

Early January
             Little Richard is playing his hometown of Macon, Georgia, with his new combo, the Upsetters.

             The Fats Domino- Clovers tour heads west to California for the next two weeks.

             Little Junior Parker, formerly with Sun Records, signs with Peacock Records. His future releases will be on Peacocks' Memphis subsidiary, Duke Records.
            Also signing with Duke is Lester Williams, formerly with Specialty.

             Tommy Sands and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, are in New York while Sands cuts some sides for RCA Victor.\January 8

             Johnny Otis brings his revue to the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles for three days.

             Faye Adams and Al Savage, fronting the Joe Morris Orchestra, open at the Apollo Theater in New York.

January 15
             The Orioles headline the revue at New York's' Apollo Theater. Also on the bill is Leslie Uggams and Sonny Stitt's Combo.

             Joe Morris, Faye Adams and Al Savage start a our of the South.

            The Howard Theater in Philadelphia hosts Ella Fitzgerald along with Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters.

            Roy Brown opens for a three-day weekend at Los Angeles' 5-4 Ballroom.

            Sugar Ray Robinson starts a week at Philadelphia's Uptown Theater,

            RCA Victor announces the formation of a new subsidiary, Groove Records, which will handle all the company's rhythm and blues artists.

            Savoy Records signs Eddie Bateman, Napoleon and the Four Hearts.

January 19
            The Buddy Johnson Orchestra closes at the Savoy Ballroom in New York. They are off on a five-week tour of Texas and the South.

January 21
            Fats Domino returns to the East Coast for an engagement at the Showboat in Philadelphia.

January 22
            Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters open at the Royal Theater in Baltimore for a week.

            Ruth Brown and the Four Tunes begin a week's engagement fronting the Sonny Stitt Combo at the Howard Theater in Washington.

            Dinah Washington with the Willis Jackson's band start a week;s engagement at the Apollo Theater in New York.

            The Wanders open at Detroit's Flame Show Bar for a two-week layover. Also on the bill through the 30th is Baby Washington.

            Charles Brown performs for three days at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles.

January 23
            Peacock/Duke records moves into its new recording studios, office and pressing plant in Houston, Texas. The company estimates it sold 1.5 million
           records in 1953, with Willie Mae Thornton and Johnny Ace leading the company's talent roster.

January 24
             Mabel Scott and Joe Houston entertain Los Angeles at the Elks Ballroom for the evening.

             Guitar Slim stops for the evening at the San Jacinto Club in New Orleans before embarking on a nationwide tour with Charles Brown.

January 29
            The Four Tunes are booked for a three-day engagement at the Twin Coaches Club in Pittsburgh.

            In Washington, Dinah Washington and the Swallows share the spotlight at the Howard Theater.

            Arthur Prysock starts ten days at Chic's Showbar in Detroit.

            In Los Angeles, Sarah Vaughn is on the stage or a record breaking two-week engagement at the Tiffany Club in Los Angeles, Floyd Dixon and T-Bone
           Walker perform for a three-day weekend at the 5-4 Ballroom across town, Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers start three days at Club Alimony.

            The Orioles are heading Pep's Musical Bar in Philadelphia. with Brown and the Clovers take over Uptown Theater in Philadelphia for a week.

            The Ravens and Al Hibbler share the bill for a week at the Apollo theater in New York.

January 31
             Fats Domino starts fifteen straight on-nighters along the Eastern Seaboard/

Late January
             Dick Smith, the lead singer of the Five Keys, signs with Bruce Records.

             Decca Records reaches and agreement with Recorded in Hollywood Records whereby Decca will release a portion of Hollywood's future output.

             Willie Mae Thornton, Johnny Ace and Little Junior Parker are currently touring Alabama and Georgia.\Bill Doggett signs to play a total of fifteen weeks at
              Philadelphia's Bill and Lee Club during 1954.

              Billy Ward and His Dominoes are welcomed by the Colorado Contractor's Convention.

February 1
               The Four Tunes start a week at the Crown Propeller Club in Chicago.

               The Joe Morris Orchestra, Faye Adams, Al Savage and the Orioles hit the road for two weeks though Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

February 5
              Gatemouth Brown entertains for two weeks at the New Era Club in Nashville.

              B.B. King starts a three-day run at the 5-4 Ballroom

              Ruth Brown headlines at the Apollo Theater for a week.

              Guitar Slim appears at the Shrewsbury High School Gym near New Orleans.

February 7
               Pee Wee Crayton and Joe Liggins  play for the Sunday night dance at the Elks Ballroom.

Early February
               Gladys "Glad Rags" Patrick currently is playing the Flame Show Bar

               Varetta Dillard is set for the Royal Peacock in Atlanta.

               Derby Records announces its new subsidiary, Central Records, Willie issue several sides by Bette McLaurin.

February 8
               The Four Tunes appear at the Yankee Inn in Akron, Ohio for a week

               The Howard Theater in Washington hosts Duke Ellington and the Flamingos for a week.

               Jimmy "Mister 5 By 5" Rushing starts a ten-day engagement at Chic's in Detroit.

               Joe Houston with Christine Kittrell open foe a weekend at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles.

               Lionel Hampton Combo headlines the revue this week at New York's Apollo Theater.

               The Uptown Theater in Philadelphia presents the Joe Morris Cavalcade starting Faye Adams and Al Savage.

February 13
               Roy Brown plays a one night stand at the Oro Ballroom in Los Angeles.

               The music press reports that "Gee" by the Crows is a major rhythm and blues hit in Los Angeles area. Sales of the record in southern California have
               topped 50,000 as deejays at the pop radio stations start plugging the disk. The record was first issued in June, 1953.

February 15
               The Four Tunes start a month-long engagement at the Cafe Society in New York.

               Following their recent tour of the South, the Orioles start a tour of the Midwest.

               Savoy signs Luther Boyd and the Emeralds and blues singer Little Eddie.

               The B.B. King package tour has wound its way from the South through New Mexico and is currently playing dates in the Los Angeles area.

February 16
               Following two weeks of one-nighters, Fats Dominio opens at the Celebrity Club in Providence, Rhode Island.

February 19
               Lionel Hampton brings his revue to the Howard Theater in Washington.

               Roy Brown plays the first of three nights at the 5-4 Ballroom.

               Dinah Washington, the Checkers and Eddie "Cleanhead "Vinson entertain this week at Chicago's Regal Theater.

               The Flamingos appear with the Duke Ellington Band at the Apollo Theater this week.

February 20
               Ray Hamilton is scheduled to perform at a small club in Longbranch, New Jersey that seats five hundred. Over two thousand show up, attesting to the
               local popularity of this new artist. One account puts the figure at eight thousand.

               A group of deejays on the Eastern Seaboard announces that they are forming a club in which all members will be asked to refrain from playing records
               that advocate sex and drinking or holds Blacks up to ridicule. The club, which became the Metropolitan Disk Jockey Club, is formerly inaugurated on
               May 1.

February 1
               Billy Eckstine headlines a one-nighter tour with Ruth Brown, the Clovers and Johnny Hodges' Combo. The tour will last two months and cover the South
               and Midwest.

               Marvin Phillips, Mel Walker, Linda Hayes, the Flairs and Lamplighters entertain at the Elks Ballroom.

February 23
              Ruth Brown, Billy Eckstine, the Clovers and Johnny Hodges are at the Shrine Mosque in Pittsburgh. They are on a tour that will cover the Northeast down
              through the South for a month.

February 26
               Sonny Thompson's Orchestra with Lulu Reed and the "5" Royales make a stopover at the Howard Theater for a week.

               Bette McLaurin starts a ten day stint at Chic's in Detroit.

               In Los Angeles, Al Hibbler opens a two week engagement at the Tiffany Club. Also in town at the Club Oasis, Roy Brown Plays a one-nighter and B.B.
               King starts a three-day engagement at the 5-4 Ballroom.

               The Apollo Theater presents a full bill for this week's entertainment: chuck Willis, Sherman "Scatman" Crothers and the Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra.

February 28
               Clyde McPhatter fronts the Gene Ammons Band at the New Orleans' Coliseum.

Late February
               Junior Parker is touring the South with the Bill Johnson Combo.

               B.B. King continues his tour of California.

               Joe Turner is featured in Ebony magazine write-up.

March 2
          Clyde McPhatter frustrated by the number of cover versions of Such a Night issues a press release making it known that he will sue any artist that copies the
          musical style or arrangement that he devised for the Drifters' original recording.

March 5
           Dinah Washington starts a one-week layover at the Broadway Capitol Theater in Detroit with Eddie Vinson and Cootie Williams Orchestra.

           Ray Charles and Joe Liggins entertain the patrons for three days at the 5-4 Ballroom.

           Johnny Otis Revue featuring Marie Adams is the house guest at the Apollo Theater for a week.

           Billy Ward and His Dominoes begin their record breaking engagement at the Uptown Theater in Philadelphia.

Early March
           Savoy Records announces the signing of the Hamilton Sisters and Dave Dixon and Chance Records inks country blues singer Lazy Bill.

           Johnny Ace and Willie Mae Thornton are currently at Pep's Musical Lounge in Philadelphia.

March 10
           The Ray-O-Vacs start four days at Harris' Tavern in Philadelphia

March 11
           Chic's Club in Detroit headlines Jimmy Witherspoon for a week.

March 12
           This week, the Howard Theater in Washington, hosts Illinois Jacquet, Ray Hamilton and Mabel Scott.

            Floyd Dixon starts a three day weekend at the 5-4 Ballroom

March 13
           WXYZ radio in Detroit bans all three versions of Such a Night by Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters, Johnnie Ray and Bunnie Paul.

March 14
           Willie Mae Thornton and Johny Otis are off on a series of one-night stands through Ohio and Michigan.

           Billy Eckstine, Ruth Brown, the Clovers and the Johnny Hodges' Orchestra travel to the Coliseum  Arena in New Orleans.

March 15
           The Four Tunes begin a week-long engagement at Chubby's Club in Collingwood, New Jersey.

           Louis Jordan opens for a week at the Casino Royal in Washington.

           John Greer starts three days at the Harris Tavern in Philadelphia. He returns on the 23rd for a three-day weekend.

          Faye Adams, the Orioles and the Joe Morris Band bring in $4,000 on a one-nighter in Charleston, South Carolina as they wrap up their tour of the South
          which began February 1st.

          The Wanders with Tiny Grime's Combo are touring through Ohio until the end of the month. Other artists on the road include Little Junior Parker, currently
           touring the Southeast an Guitar Slim, currently booked on a on-nighter circuit through June.

March 19
           The Apollo Theater presents the Harptones and Mabel Scott for the week.

           Gladys "Glad Rags" Patrick opens for a week at the Sportsman's Club in Pittsburgh.

           The Ravens and Mantan Moreland play the Howard Theater this week.

           Savannah Churchill and Della Reese start a two week run at the Flame Show Bar,

           The Orioles make their West Coat Debut with a two-day stay at the 5-4 Ballroom.

March 20
           In a report published in the music trade papers, it is reported that the nation's current high unemployment is drastically affecting the rhythm and blues record
           market, with record sales in areas with high unemployment among Blacks, such as Detroit, running as much as fifty percent behind last year's figures.

March 21
           Fats Domino, just completing a tour of the South. heads for the West Coast for another long tour, which is booked solidly into late July.

March 22
           In Philadelphia, Louis Jordan is this week's entertainment at the Rendezvous Club. Pep's Musical Bar hosts Bullmoose Jackson for a week, the Four Tunes
           open for a week ant the Showboat and Roy Hamilton begins and engagement at Emerson's Club.

March 23
           The Orioles start three weeks at the Down Beat Club in San Francisco (through April 14)

March 26
           The 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles hosts the Earl Bostic Combo for three days while on the other side of town, the Treniers start a ten-day engagement at the
           Club Oasis.

           In New York, Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters and Lucky Millender's Orchestra are at the Apollo Theater this week

March 28
            T-Bone Walker and Tommy Ridgely headline at the Owl's Club in Shrewsbury, Louisiana.

            Guitar Slim returns to the New Orleans area to play the Sugar Bowl Club in Thibodaux.

March 30
           Earl Bostic starts a two-week booking at the Blackhawk Club in San Francisco.

Late March
           LaVern Baker returns from a seven month tour of Europe that began in August, 1953. During her stay in Milan she became a Countess, after being legally
           adopted by an Italian nobleman.

April 1
        Charles Brown, Amos Miburn, Margie Day and the Paul Williams Orchestra embark on a three-week tour of Louisiana, including Lake Charles and
         New Iberia, Texas and Oklahoma including Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

         Lynn Hope starts a tour through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia.

April 2
        Gladys "Glad Rags" Patrick opens at the New Era Club in Nashville.

         Red Prysock joins the Four Tunes on the stage of the Apollo Theater in New York.

         Arthur Prysock holds court in Detroit at Chic's Club. Roy Milton starts three days at the 5-4 Ballroom.

Early April
         The Royals, the Federal recording artists, are changing their name to the Midnighters so not to be confused with the "5" Royals, Apollo artists who are
         currently being wooed by King Records, the parent company of Federal/

         Atlantic Records inaugurates a new label, Cat Records. The first release on the label will be by Mike Gordon and the El Tempos, Sylvia Vanderpool, formerly
         Little  Sylvia on Jubilee, Jimmy Lewis, formerly on RCA Victor and the Chords. Records should be shipped by the end of the month. Don Robey of
         Duke/Peacock Records ships copies of "out On a Party" and Little Junior Parkers' "Can't Understand. to Paris following a request from a French Jukebox
         operator, indicating a growing awareness of American R&B   in Europe. Meanwhile, the top stars of Duke/Peacock, Johnny Ace and Willie Mae Thornton,
         are currently playing one-nighters in New England.

         James Wayne, formerly with Imperial, signs with Atlantic Records.

April 9
        Jimmy McCracklin and the Flairs share the stage for three-days at the 5-4 Ballroom.

        The Four Tunes open for a week at the New Trinidad Club in Washington.

        The Harptones are welcomed for a week at the Uptown Theater in Philadelphia.

         Earl Bostic continues to be a hot attraction on the West Coast where he has broken through as a "pop" artist on his dance club bookings.

          The new Ink Spots with Charlie Fuqua are currently in the seventeen-tour of their tour of the Far East.

          Percy Mayfield continues to tour the West.

          Buckley's Record Shop in Nashville the eighth anniversary of its sponsorship of a one-hour show on WLAC radio. Other major sponsors on WLAC are
          Randy's Record Store in Gallatin, Tennessee, owned by Randy Wood, founder of Dot Records and Ernie's Record Store in Nashville owned by Ernie Young
          of Nashboro/Excello Records.

           Atlantic Records signs George "Mr. Blues" Jackson from New Orleans.

           Roy Brown is currently on a string of one-nighters through the West following an engagement at Bill and Lou's in Philadelphia. Also turning the West Coast at
           this time is the Johnny Otis Revue.

           Lulu Reed with  Johnny Thompson's Orchestra continue to tour the East and Midwest.

           The Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra sets off on a tour of one-nighters in the Pacific Northwest.

           Fortune Records announce the signing of Nolan Strong and the Diablos.

April 16
         Sarah Vaughn travels to the Howard Theater for a week.

         Roy Hamilton starts a week at the Flame Show Bar with Della Reese, who is a regular entertainer at the club.

         Jimmy Liggins plays a three-day weekend at the 5-4 Ballroom.

         The Four Tunes are booked for a month-long engagement in Toronto.

         The Regal Theater in Chicago presents Sugar Ray Robinson, Ruth Brown and Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters for a week.

         Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five entertain patrons this week at the Apollo Theater.

April 17
        Cleveland deejay Bill Randle is injured in an auto accident. This sidetracks his plans to start a new rock 'n' roll program in Chicago, for which would commute
         between Cleveland and Chicago on a daily basis.

        Billy Wright entertains at the Dew Drop Inn indefinitely.

April 18
         Johnny Otis brings his revue to the Elks Ballroom in Los Angeles.

April 19
        The Harptones play the Convention Hall in Asbury, New Jersey.

         Tiny Bradshaw, Wynonie Harris, Big Maybelle and Bullmoose Jackson's Orchestra entertain this evening at the Graystone Ballroom in Detroit.

         Red Prysock starts at Celebrity Club in Philadelphia.

April 21
        The "5" Royales with Tab Smith's Combo take off on a series of one-nihjters that will last through June 19th.

April 23
        Johnny Ace, Willie Mae Thornton and Hal "Cornbread" Singer's band share the spotlight for a week at the Apollo Theater.

        In Washington, Louis Jordan begins a week engagement at the Howard Theater.

        Al Hibbler is at Chic's in Detroit for a ten-day-layover. Across town, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ruth Brown and Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters headline a    
        week's engagement at the Broadway Capitol Theater.

         Johnny Otis and his combo are the weekend entertainment at Los Angeles' 5-4 Ballroom. Also in town, the Treniers open at the Club Oasis.

        In Chicago, Billy Ward and His Dominoes are welcomed at the Regal Theater for a week.

April 24
         In a front page headline article in Billboard titled "Teenagers Demand Music With A Beat, Spur Rhytmn and Blues" it is reported that the record industry sold
         sold a total fifteen million r&b singles in 1953. There are 700 deejays programming rhythm and blues music across the country and seventy-five companies
         releasing over a thousand rhythm and blues disks each year. I a related article, the power of the independent company in the r&b field is detailed; in the past
         five years of the top fifty R&B records, forty-six were released by small companies.

April 27
        The Five Keys play a date at the Odd Fellows Hall in Wilmington. Delaware.

April 29
        Roy Milton is booked into the Royal Ballroom in Los Angeles.

April 30
        This week find Billy Ward and His Dominoes with Pigmeat Markham at the Howard Theater in Washington.

        T-Bone Walker entertains as the Flame Show Bar in Detroit for the next two weeks.

        The 5-4 Ballroom welcomes Red Callender and Jimmy Huff to Los Angeles for three days.

        The Apollo Theater presents Sarah Vaughn for a week.

Late April
        Little Richard has joined Junior Parker's tour of the South

May 1
        Alan Freed hosts his first dance outside of Ohio,

        The Coronation Ball at the Sussex Armory in Newark, New Jersey, features the Clovers, Charles Brown, the Harptones, Sam Butera. Muddy Waters,
        Buddy Johnson's Orchestra with Ella Johnson. Nolan Lewis and Arnett Cobb. Over 10,000 people attend the show. Freed is the deejay at WJW in Cleveland
        and is heard via tape delay over WNJR in Newark.

May 2
        Earl Bostic stops for the evening to entertain at the Elks Ballroom in Los Angeles.

May 3
        The Four Tunes begin a month-long engagement at the Brown Derby in Toronto.

        The Romaines are booked for two weeks at Chubby's in West Collingwood, New Jersey.

        Red Prysock starts an engagement at Weeke's Cocktail Lounge in Atlantic City, New Jersey following a week layover at Enerson's Club in Philadelphia.

May 7
        Johnny Ace, Willie Mae Thornton and the Harptones are at the Howard Theater for a week.

       Clyde McPhatter receives his notice to report for active duty with the U.S. Army. During his absence the Drifters will continue to record and perform
        without him. With the exception of a short June recording session, this marks the end of McPatter's association with the group. David Baughn and Johnny
        Moore will take over the lead tenor duties until the original group disbands in 1957.

       The Robins start a week at the Club Oasis in Los Angeles. Across town, Joe Turner plays the first three days at the 5-4 Club.

Early May
        Jubilee Records signs Bette McLaurin, formerly with Coral. Also signed to Jubilee is Gloria Mann, who recorded for SLS and whose cover of  "Goodnite
        Sweethart Goodnite" is due out this week.

         On the one-nighter circuits in May, Amos Milburn is in California for most of the month, Little Junior Parker is booked for two months on a tour of the
         Midwest, while Gatemouth Brown is currently in Texas.

         Joe "Buddy" Baker, former lead singer with the Clovers, returns to the group following his release from the U.S. Army. The group will become a five-man unit
         as Billy Mitchell, who replaced Bailey, will remain.

         George "Hound Dog" Lorenz increases his r&b show from six to fourteen hours a week. He is heard on WJJL in Niagara Falls, New York.

         Savoy Records signs Nappy Brown, of Charlotte, North Carolina, former lead singer with the Selah Jubilee Singers. Also new to the label are the Hot Shots,
          who have backed several singers on demo records and the Dreams a teenage group from Philadelphia.

May 8
          The Bihari brothers announce the expansion of their recording facilities in Culver City in the Loa Angeles area. The new offices will house Saul's Modern and
          RPM Records, Joe Bihari's Flair Records and Jules Hahari's Crown Records and Cadet Pressing Company.

May 10
        Danny Oberbea begins a week's engagement at the Ebony Club in Cleveland.

        Chuck Willis stars at Emerson's in Philadelphia. Also in town, at Pep's Musical Bar, Sarah Vaughn and Don Gardner open for a week.

May 13

         Johnny Otis starts a four-day layover at the Los Angeles Club Alimony. Otis is now a regular deejay on KFOX in Los Angeles with a daily, except for
         a Sunday, rhythm and blues show from 7:00 to 8:00 P.M.

May 14
        The Spiders and Guitar Slim front the Charlie Barnett Orchestra at the Apollo Theater.

        The Harptones play at the Royal Theater in Baltimore this week.

        The "5" Royales and Tab Smith take off on a one-nighter tour through Texas.

        Hadda Brooks and LaVern Baker start a two week layover at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

        Amos Miburn starts a three-day stay at the 5-4 Ballroom.

        Paul Williams, formerly with Capitol Records, signs with Groove Records. Also signing recently with Groove are Big Red McHousun, Larry Dale and Sam
        "Highpockets" Henderson. Other recent record company acquisitions include Delores Gibson with Aladdin and Four Bells with Gem.

         Percy Mayfield is currently on Tour of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

May 17
         Louis Jordan is booked into Pep's Musical Lounge.

         Dinah Washington starts a week at Club 86 in Geneva, New Work.

         The Orioles, the Clovers and the Midnighters play a one-night stand at the Graystone Ballroom in Detroit.

May 21
        Roy Milton starts three evenings at the 5-4 Ballroom.

        Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra featuring Ella Johnson headline the revue at the Apollo this week. Also appearing are the counts and Nolan Lewis.

May 22
        The Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra plays a dance at the Virginia Military Institute,'The Five Keys do a on-nighter at the Elks Club in Alexandria, Virginia.

        The Palace Theater in New Orleans presents the Midnighters for ticket holders tonight.

May 23
        Charles Brown plays the Forest Hotel in Norwalk, Connecticut.

May 24
        Dinah Washington holds court at Pep's Musical Lounge this week.

        Tiny Bradshaw brings his orchestra to the Loop Lounge in Cleveland this week.

May 28
        B.B. King and Earl Forest make their New York debut at the Apollo Theater this week backed by Lucky Millender's Combo.

        Amos Milburn starts a tour of the Pacific Northwest with a show at the Amor Ballroom in Spokane. Other shows on the tour include the Eagle Auditorium
         in Seattle (29th), the Evergreen Ballroom in Olympia (30th)  McElroy Ballroom in Portland (31st).

        Buddy Johnson and sister Ella and the Counts start a week's engagement at the Howard Theater in Washington.

        In Detroit, Bill Doggett lays over for a one-week engagement at the Crystal Lounge, while Tommy Edwards opens for two weeks at the Flame Show Bar.

        In Los Angeles, Sugar Ray Robinson opens for ten-day run at the Club Oasis. Also in town, at the 5-4 Ballroom, Chuck Higgins starts a three-day stint.

        The Trianon Ballroom in Chicago admits Blacks for the first time, Featured entertainment includes the Count Basie Orchestra.

May 29
        Floyd Dixon plays the CIO Hall in Flint, Michigan.

May 31
        The Clovers open at Emerson's Club in Philadelphia.

        Floyd Dixon is in Taunton, Massachusetts for a one-night stand.

        Count Basie and Percy Mayfield stop for an evening at Detroit's Graystone Ballroom. Mayfield is just coming off a tour through Texas, Oklahoma and

June 1
        Ruth Brown goes out on eight-week tour of California.

June 4
        The Orioles, fronting the Erskine Hawkins Combo, headline the show at the Apollo Theater this week.

        The grand opening of Los Angeles' Savoy Ballroom features entertainment by Earl Bostic. Also in town, Ruth Brown and Johnny Moore's Three Blazers 
        at the 5-4 Ballroom  for a three-day weekend engagement.

         In New Orleans, Tommy Ridgely opens a weekend stand at the Dew Drop Inn.

June 6
        Johnny Otis takes his statge show to the Lincoln Theater in Los Angeles for the evening. Across town, Sugar Ray Robinson is entertaining at the Club Oasis.

Early June
         Atlantic Records, following the immediate and overwhelming success of "Sh-Boom" by the Chords on its subsidiary, Cat records, is removing the B-Side
         "Cross Over the Bridge," which originally had been intended to be the A-Side. The new B-side will be "Little Maiden" "Cross Over the Bridge" will be held
          for a future release, since the company still believes it will be a hit. In a related story, a cover version of "Sh-Boom" by the Crewcuts is issued this week on

           The Du Droppers are booked for an eight-week engagement at Lau Lee Chaai's Club in Honolulu.

           The squabble between Billy Ward and the Associated Booking Corporation is still not settled. Ward claims that he and the Dominoes will no longer honor
           ABC bookings; the agency says otherwise. In frustration, Ward breaks off his contract with the company. In other news concerning the Dominoes, it is
           reported that Ward is shopping for a new recording company.

          King Records, which releases the Dominoes on its subsidiary Federal was well as the parent, reports that the group's contract is good through June 30, 1955
          or until twelve more songs are recorded. Meanwhile, the group starts a Southern tour with the Paul Williams Orchestra this week.

         Pittsburgh's WCAE radio, formerly an all-pop station, adds a daily afternoon r&b show.

         Johnny Ace and Willie Mae Thornton are touring the Carolinas.

         Feeling the thrill of new found royalties, Guitar Slim, Amos Milburn and Charles Brown all buy new fishtail Cadillacs.

June 8
        Following a successful engagement at the Royal Peacock in Atlanta, Lowell Fulson is off on a one-nighter tour of Florida (including Fort Pierce, Bellgrade
        and Fort Lauderdale).                  

June 11
        Johnny Otis starts three days at the 5-4 Ballroom. Tonight he performs a double shift, entertaining at 6P.M. at the Lincoln Theater, followed by a late show at
        the 5-4 Ballroom.

        The Apollo Theater presents the Spaniels.

        In what is billed as their "initial appearance." along with Joe Turner and Arnett Cobb's Orchestra this week.

June 12
        In Detroit, Jimmy Witherspoon starts a ten-day layover at Chic's Club.

June 15
        Following his successful tour of the West Coast, Earl Bostic embarks on a tour of the Midwest.

        Currently on the road are Charles Brown in North Carolina for two weeks; Amos Milburn in California; Floyd Dixon doing two weeks of one-nighters in Ohio,
         Indiana, Kentucky West Virginia and Arkansas; and Don Gardner working Atlantic City.

         Bruce Records announces the signing of the Mastertones.

         Aladdin Records starts a new subsidiary, Lamp Records, which be under the supervision of Jesse Stone. The label joins Aladdin's other subsidiaries, Intro,
         Score and 7-11.

        In Chicago Chess and Checker Records move into new quarters on Cottage Grove Avenue. A new recording studio is under construction to record all the
        records at one location.

        Parrot Records has taken over the old Chess location on East 49th Street.

         Record companies on the road in search of new talent include Johnny Vincent of Specialty Records and Ernie Young who owns Nashboro and Excello
         Records in Nashville.

June 16
        Guitar Slim starts a two week tour of Texas.

        Lynn Hope is at the El Rancho in Chester, Pennsylvania.

June 18
        Joe Turner entertains for a week at the Howard Theater in Washington

       Coast Basie brings his orchestra to the 5-4 Ballroom for three days in Los Angeles. Also in town, Amos Milburn starts three days at the Savoy Ballroom.

       Baby Washington starts a three-day stand at the Dee Drop Inn in New Orleans.

June 20
       The " Tenth Annual Cavalcade of Jazz" at Los Angeles' Wrigley Field features Count Basie, Ruth Brown and the Flairs.

June 21
        Roy Hamilton and Illinois Jacquet perform for the crowd at the Graystone Ballroom in Detroit.

June 23
       The Orioles are one of the acts feature in "Star Night" in Detroit. The short concert tour also takes ion Chicago (24th) and Cleveland (25th).

        Lynn Hope returns to the El Rancho in Chester, Pennsylvania.

June 25
       In Los Angeles, the 5-4 Ballroom welcomes Sonny Thompson and Lulu Reed for a three-day layover and at the Savoy Ballroom Ruth Brown and
       Johnny Hodges entertain for the weekend.

       Baby Washington, Eddie "Cleanhead" Williams and Cootie Williams Orchestra start a week at the Apollo Theater.

       Bill Doggett is in Philadelphia at Reynolds Hall for the evening.

June 26
       Dinah Washington is currently on tour with Earl Bostic through the Midwest. Dates include Kansas City tonight and St. Louis on the 27th.

June 29
       Dinah Washington opens at the Patio Club in Las Vegas for two weeks.

June 30
        Following his short tour of Texas, Guitar Slim starts a one week trek through the South including Florida.

Late June
        The 45 rpm record celebrates its fifth birthday this month. RCA Victor introduced the first 45 singles in June 1949. At this time it is estimated that there are five
        million 45 rprm record players in use and the 45 rpm format dominates the field of juke box and disk jockey spins.

        Sil Austin, former sax-man with Cootie Williams an Tiny Bradshaw combos, has formed his own band and signed with Jubilee Records. He will be booked by
        Universal Attractions.

July 1
       Earl Bostic is currently on tour, playing tonight in Rochester, New York. Othe dates this week include the Hotel Bradford in Boston (2nd), New London,      
       Connecticut (3rd), Tanton, Massachusetts (4th) and Bridge Port, Connecticut (5th).

July 2
       Fats Domino starts another California tour.

       The Four Knights, Tommy Edwarda and the Willis Jackson Band entertain at the Howard Theater this week.

       The Robins open for three days at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles.

       At the 5-4 Club, T-Bone Walker and Effie Smith are the weekend entertainment.

       Lionel Hampton and the Five Flamingos open for a week at the Broadway-Capitol in Detroit.\In New Orleans, Johnny Moore is booked into the Dew Drop
       Inn for three days.

July 4
      Louis Jordan brings his show to the Auditorium in Oakland, California.

      Alan Freed, whose taped radio broadcast is heard over WNJR, puts on a stage show featuring Roy Hamilton, the Orioles, Big Maybelle, Luther Bond and  
      the Emeralds, Larry Darnell, Bull Moose Jackson, Joe Liggins, the El Tempos, the Dreams, Nappy Brown, the Orchids, Varetta Dillard and the Four Bells.
      The show takes place at Patrylow's Grove Park in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

Early July
       The Chords are set for a West Coast tour starting in August to capitalize on the popularity of "Sh-Boom," which hit the pop charts a few weeks ago.

       The Lark's recording of "the World Is Waiting For the Sunrise" recently issued on Lloyds, receives a big boost from their appearance on the Arthur Godfrey
       TV show.

       Pat Boone's recording of "loving You Maddly" on Republic is covered in the pop field by Alan Dale.

       Savoy Records signs Earl Williams and the Lee Allen Combo, both from New Orleans.

       Atlantic Records purchases the master recording of "Co-Operation" by Prince Partridge from Blaze Records. The single has received favorable airplay on the
       West Coast. The song will be released on the Cat label/

July 8
      The Ernie Freeman Combo starts a four-days-per-week, four- tour engagement at the New Orleans Seafood Grotto in Los Angeles.

July 9
       Earl Bostic continues to tour the Northeast with show in York, Pennsylvania. Other shows this week include Saratoga Springs, New York (10th),
       Annapolis, Maryland (11th) and Cape Cod, Massachusetts (14th).

       The Apollo Theater presents the Ravens and Bette McLaurin for the week.

       The "Timmie Rogers Revue" featuring Roy Hamilton opens for a week at the Howard Theater.

       The Spiders make their West Coast debut with a three-day weekend performance at Los Angeles Savoy Ballroom. Across town at the 5-4 Ballroom,
       Fats Domino entertains for a three-day weekend.

       The Midnighters at booked at small clubs in the New Orleans area through July 22.

July 13
       Billy Ward and His Dominoes start a two week engagement in Las Vegas at the Sands Hotel.

July 14
       Sonny Thompson and Lulu Reed stop at the Bandbox in Covington, Louisiana, enroute to the West Coast.

       Recent record company acquisitions include Lamp Records' Bonnie Evans and Clarence Samuels; Columbia Records' the Wailers; the Embers and Eileen
       Hamilton and Checker Records' Jimmy Witherspoon.

        The strength of "Sh-Boom," originally recorded by the Chords, continue the grow. The cover version by the Crew Cuts on Mercury is a solid hit on the pop
        charts and now there are more versions. In the op field, Billy Williams Quartet has cut it on Cora   for the country and western market Bobby Williamson has
        record out on RCA Victor.

        Other cover records in the McGuirre Sisters' Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight" on Coral, Bill Haley's "Shake, Rattle and Roll on Decca, Honey Love by
        Vicki Young and I Understand (Just How You Feel) by June Valli.

         Willie Mae Thornton and Johnny Otis are currently on a tour of Texas. Louisiana and New Mexico.

          Apollo Records and King Records both claim rights to the "5" Royales. Apollo reports that it has a current contract with the group that is valid through
          October 1956. King claims to have the group currently under contract.

          Okeh Records, a subsidiary of Columbia Records. is the first major r&b company to start sending of its records to deejays only in the 45 rpm format instead
          of 78 rpm. Other R&B companies are expected to follow suit.

July 16
       In Los Angeles, Tiny Bradshaw is at the 5-4 Ballroom and Percy Mayfield at the Savoy Ballroom for a three-day weekend. At the Oasis Ballroom, Dinah     
      Washington opens for two weeks.

July 17
       The "Fifth Annual Rhythm and Blues Jubilee" at the Hollywood Shrine Auditorium features the Four Tunes, the Chords, the Robins, the Hollywood Four         
       Flames and Chuck Higgins and His Band.

       "Riot In Cellblock #9" by the Robins is banned by CBS radio and television. The network refuses to let the to be aired as part of its "Juke Box Jury" show.

       Earl King plays a two day engagement at the Dew Drop Inn.

July 22
      Amos Milburn plays the Alpha Inn in Dayton, Ohio for five days.

      The Robins are booked for an extended engagement at the Dew Drop Inn.

July 23
       The Midnighters front Arnett Cobbs' Combo during their week at the Howard Theater in Washington.

       In Los Angeles, Lulu Reed with the Sonny Thompson Orchestra open the weekend at the Savoy Ballroom. At the 5-4 Ballroom the Clovers team with Fats 
       Domino to entertain nightly for the next three days.

July 27
      Faye Adams, Al Savage and Joe Morris start a one-nighter tour through the Southern states/

July 30
      The weekend entertainment bill in Los Angeles features Louis Jordan at the 5-4 Ballroom and Floyd Dixon at the Savoy Ballroom.

       Guitar Slim, T-Bone Walker and Joe Turner start a tour of Texas that will run through August 24th.

July 31
      RCA Victor announces that 45 rpm records are accounting for more than fifty percent of its total record volume, with long play albums far behind at
       twenty-three percent and 78 singles at twenty-one percent.

      Elvis Presley makes his first profession personal  as part of the country and western jamboree at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis featuring Slim Whitman.

Late July

       Jimmy Liggins formerly, formerly with Specialty Records, signs with Aladdin.

       Charles Brown continues on tour with dates booked in Michigan,

       The Mellows sign a recording contract with Jay-Dee Records and Baby Dee signs with MGM Records. She is currently booked at the Cotton Club in Atlantic
       City through Labor Day.

August 1
           Dinah Washington and Tiny Bradshaw perform for the Tenth Annual Disk Jockey Ward Ball at the Elks Auditorium in Los Angeles. Washington is booked
           on the West Coast through September.

August 2
           Ruth Brown and Ray Charles kick-off a short tour with a show in Cleveland.

August 6
           The second annual "Biggest Rhythm and Blues Show" sets out on a one month tour with an opening night in Cleveland. Alan Freed promotes the show,
           which brings in 9,600 fans. Other record breaking dates for the tour include Dayton, Ohio, on the seventh (4,700 fans make the largest audience up to this
           time for a non-racing event at the Dayton Speedway); and Flint, Michigan on the eighth (6,800 is reported as the biggest audience ever in that city);. Dates at
           the Arcadia in Detroit (9th) and in Gary, Indiana (10th), have smaller crowds, but a show at Cincinnati on the eleventh brings in 11,000 people, Both shows
           at the Lyric Theater in Indianapolis on August 12th are sellouts. In Chicago, on the 13th, over ten thousand stand in line for hour to watch the entertainers,
          among whom are Roy Hamilton, the Drifters, the Spaniels, the Counts, Faye Adams, LaVern Baker, King Pleasure, Erskine Hawkins and Rusty Bryant. The
          tour continues with shows in St. Louis (14th) and Kansas City (15th), The first eight days on the road, over 50,000 attend the shows. The tour will run
          through September 12th.

August 7
           Following his tour of Florida, Smiley Lewis plays the Caffin Theater in New Orleans. He follows this date with a one-nighter tour of Louisiana, Texas and
            Mississippi before heading up the Atlantic Seaboard.

Early August
            In Hollywood, the new r&b club is the Riverside Rancho which previously had featured country music. The opening headliners are Tiny Bradshaw and the

            Decca signs the Wanders, formerly with Central Records. They will be renamed the Singing Wanders.

            On separate tours of the South during August are Fats Domino and Amos Milburn.

            Cat Records announces that "Sh-Boom" by the Chords is set for release in England on the EMI label. Also, the Playboys have recently signed with Cat.

            The Clovers and John Greer are playing the Rainbow Room in Denver.

            Following the completion of a successful engagement, the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas announces that it has signed Billy Ward and His Dominoes to a
            two-year pact. The contract will start in November with the group playing two weeks at $5,000 a week. Thereafter, the Dominoes will play the hotel every
            four months at an increasing salary.

August 8
          Earl Bostic takes the spotlight at the Crystal Lounge in Detroit.

August 13
            Ruth Brown opens at the Apollo with the Larks and the Willis Jackson Band. Brown makes several movie shorts for TV to promote her latest releases.

            Jimmy Witherspoon and Percy Mayfield hold court at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles for three weeks. Meanwhile, at the 5-4 Ballroom this weekend,
            Ray Charles and Dinah Washington are crowd pleasers, while across town Marvin and Johnny open at the Club Oasis.

August 15
            Billboard magazine reports that rhythm and blues music is invading the pop market though this is still considered a teenage phenomena. In the Midwest, r&b
            has taken over the juke boxs and record stores of many middle class neighborhoods. In most locations the original rhythm and blues records are receiving
            the most plays on juke boxes and over the radio then the pop cover versions.

Mid August
           Aladdin Records opens a New York office with Eddie Mesner in charge. Jesse Stone continues to head Atlantic's subsidiary, Lamp Records. Aladdin has
           recently signed the Dodgers, a vocal quintet and Margie Hawkins.

           Billy Ward and the Associated Booking Company settle their six month contract dispute.Ward will receive a financial settlement and their contract, which
           was to run through 1958, is replaced by an agreement that will be effective through April 1955.

August 16
          "The Biggest Rhythm and Blues Show" moves west with tonight's performance in Tulsa. Other shows during the week are Oklahoma City (17th), Dallas
          (18th), Fort Worth (19th), Corpus Christi (20th), San Antonio (21st) and Houston (22nd).

August 19
            B.B. King brings a record-breaking crowd a one-nighter at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles. The room seats 2.400 and over 2,800 were turned away
             at the door. On the bill is Johnny Otis with Marie Adams, Shirley Gunter and the Queens, Marvin and Johnny, the Platters and the Lamplighters. Also in
             Los Angeles. Louis Jordan joins the Robins at the Club Trocadera for a ten-day engagement.

             Billy Ward and His Dominoes along with Earl "Fatha" Hines Combo are at the Apollo this week.

             Ivory Joe Hunter starts a week's engagement at the Flame Show Bar.

             In Los Angeles the three-day weekend entertainment includes Roy Milton at the Savoy Ballroom and Charles Brown with Lowell Fulson at the 5-4
             Ballroom.          Brown has reformed his traveling combo after a year as a solo artist.

August 23
          "The Biggest Rhythm and Blues Show" moves into the Deep South with a show at the New Orleans' Municipal Auditorium. Other dates for the rest of the     
           month include Mobile (24th), Montgomery (25th), Atlanta (26th), Nashville ( (27th), Memphis (28th), Birmingham (29th), Chattanooga (30th) and Augusta,
          Georgia (31st).

          Ruth Brown appears at Pep's in Philadelphia.

August 27
           The Chords and Earl "Fatha" Hines start a week at the Skyliner Lounge in Washington.

           In Los Angeles Johnny Otis and the Dreamers entertain for the weekend at the Savoy Ballroom.

           The Four Knights headline the Apollo Theater revue.

August 28
          Guitar Slim is booked on a California tour for three weeks.

Adjust 29
          Louis Jordan kicks off s three month tour of one-night stands in Texas with a show tonight in El Paso, Midland on the 30th and San Antonio on the 31st. He
           will play fifty-two dates in twelve states through October in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee,
           Florida, West Virginia and Virginia. This is his first Southern tour in two years.

August 31
           Fats Domino and the Clovers start a tour of the South, including Florida through September 19.

Late August
           Capitol Records signs the Five Keys, who have been recording for Apollo Records.

           Decca Records announces that they have signed popular Hollywood Four Flames, who recently had recorded for Lucky Records.

           Jubilee Records signs Billy Ward and His Dominoes and immediately has them in the recording studio. The group started with Federal in 1951 and recently
           has singles issued by both Federal and its parent company, King Records.

September 1
                 The "Biggest Rhythm and Blues Show" continues up the Eastern Seaboard with a show in Charleston, South Carolina (2nd), Greenville, South Carolina
                 (3rd), Northfolk, Virginia (4th) and Washington (5th).

                 Bill Haley and His Comets are at the Hof Brau In Wildwood, New Jersey, for two weeks

September 3
                 The Ink Spots featuring Charlie Fuqua headline the Labor Day Week Show at the Apollo Theater

                  Earl "Fatha" Hines and the Chords open for a week at the Howard Theater

                  In Los Angeles the Savoy Ball room plays host to Buddy DeFranco and the Lamplighters for three days and the 5-4 Ballroom welcomes Charles
                  Brown and Stan Getz for the weekend.

September 6
                 The "Biggest Rhythm and Blues Show" winds up its tour this week with performances in Raleigh, North Carolina tonight, Charlotte, South Carolina (7th),
                 Richmond, Virginia (8th), Philadelphia (9th) and Newark (19th).

September 7
                Alan Freed transfer from WJW in Cleveland and begins broadcasting from WINS in New York City. He is heard six nights a week from 11 PM to 2
                AM. His show is syndicated in a one-hour format on tape in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbus, Ohio, while Cleveland and Flint, Michigan, will carry
                the show live for three hours a day. Freed will reportedly be paid $75,000 per year. Radio station WINS also hires Bill Graham, an expert in Black
                marketing, to start selling the station's advertising.

September 10
                 Earl Bostic brings his combo to Boston.

                  The Ink Spots, Cootie Williams and Wini Brown start a week entertaining at the Howard Theater.

                  In Los Angeles, Shirley Gunter and the Queens play a one-night stand at the 5-4 Ballroom. meanwhile, Wynonie Harris makes his first Los Angeles
                  appearance in three years during a three week stay at the Savoy Ballroom.

September 11
                  Duke Ellington appears at the 5-4 Ballroom with a rare two day visit.

September 12
                 Following its successful five-week road trip, the Biggest Rhythm and Blue Show" opens for five days at Brooklyn's Paramount Theater. Featured
                 performers are Roy Hamilton, the Drifters, the Counts, the Spaniels, Rusty Bryant, Erskine Hawkins, LaVern Baker, Faye Adams and Big Maybelle.

                 Louis Jordan plays the Booket T. Washington Auditorium in New Orleans while on a three month tour.

September 13
                  Fats Domino comes down with tonsillitis while on tour in Baton Rouge. His is hospitalized in New Orleans. Following a tonsillectomy at the end of the
                  month, Fats is expected to return to the tour circuit on October 10th. His place on the current tour is filled by Amos Milburn and Floyd Dixon.

                  Harlem Records, a new entry in the r&b field, releases its first records by the Kings, Brownie McGhee, the Sernaders and Lightin' Hopkins.

                  Currently on tour are Roy Brown in the South and the Ravens with Hal Singer's Combo in the Midwest.

                  Okeh Records signs the Hi-Lites to a recording contract.

September 16
                 The Midnighters make their first Los Angeles appearance fronting the Todd Rhodes Orchestra at the 5-4 Ballroom for the evening.

                  Bill Haley and His Comets play for three days at Andy's Log Cabin in Gloucester, New Jersey.

September 17
                 Charles Brown and the Spiders start a tour of the Eastern Seaboard..

                 Dinah Washington starts in the Tropican Revue" this week at the Howard Theater.

                  The Rusty Bryant Trio backs the Will Maston Trio for the week at the Apollo Theater.

                  T-Bone Walker begins three weeks at the Flame Show Bar.

                  In Los Angeles. the Savoy Ballroom offers a "Battle of the Bands" featuring Lowell Fulson, Jimmy Witherspoon and Floyd Dixon for three days. The
               Club Oasis hosts Shirley Gunter and the Queens for the first show of a ten-day run and the 5-4 Ballroom presents Ray Charles and Guitar Slim for a
                 three-day weekend.

September 19
                  Bill Haley and His Comets are at the Sleepy Hollow Ranch in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, for a one-night stand.

September 20
                 The Orioles are the headliners at Gleason's in Cleveland.

September 24
                 Bill Haley and His Comets entertain for three nights at the Armory in Painsville, Ohio. The show is sponsored by Bill Randle of WERE radio of

                 Earl King spends three days at the Dew Drop Inn.

                 At the Apollo Theater this week, Dinah Washington entertains for ticket holders.

                  Weekend entertainment in Los Angeles leans toward the blues with Muddy Waters and Guitar Slim sharing the bill at the Savoy Ballroom and Amos
                  Milburn playing for the dancers at the 5-4 Ballroom.

September 26
                 Buddy Johnson, Nat "King" Cole and Ella Johnson are the featured attractions for the evening at New Orleans Municipal Auditorium.

September 28
                  Earl Bostic returns to New York City, opening at Basin Street.

September 29
                   Bill Haley and His Comets perform for a week at the Case Loma Ballroom in St. Louis.

Late September

                  Clark Willis and Joe Turner join together for a tour of the eastern club circuit through November.

October 1

              Charles Brown and Ruth Brown share the bill with the Griffin Brothers Orchestra as their tour of Texas, Oklahoma and the South kicks off today.

              The Orioles with the Paul Williams Orchestra appear at the Howard Theater this week.

              The Drifters and the Erskine Hawkin's Orchestra entertains for the week at the Apollo Theater.

              Al Hibbler, Dakota Staton and Della Reese headline at two week stay at the Flame Show Bar.

              In Los Angeles, this weekend finds Roy Hamilton and Amos Milburn at the 5-4 Ballroom and King Perry and Joseph "Mr. Google Eyes" August at the
              Savoy Ballroom.

October 2
             Less than a month after changing from Cleveland's WJW to New York's WINS radio, Alan Freed is given another hour and an earlier time slot to
             broadcast his rhythm and blues program. The show will rum from 7 to 11 p.m. nightly. The taped syndication of his show has run into opposition from
             Black deejays who fear Freed's popularity will put them out of work in markets far from the New York area.

            Elvis Presley makes his only appearance at the Grand Olde Opry radio broadcast from Nashville.

            Smiley Lewis returns to the New Orleans' Caffin Theater for the evening.

Early October
            Ella Johnson's new release on Mercury, We'll Do It," is the first without her brother, bandleader Buddy Johnson.

            Rhythm and blues performers currently on tour include Chuck Willis and Joe Turner, who continue to tour the Eastern Seaboard. Muddy Waters and Todd
            Rhodes, who are on separate tours of the West Coast and Memphis Slim, who is on  the one-night circuit of Texas.

           Chess Records, a leading independent r&b company, releases its first country and western record, "If You Don't Someone Else Will" by Jimmy and Johnny.

            Memphis radio station WDIA, the nation's most powerful Black station at 50,000 watts, bans all records with suggestive lyrics and double-entendres.

October 8
             Fats Domino resumes touring with the Clovers after his tonsillectomy last month. They hit the road doing one-nighters in Texas.

              LaVern Baker and the Spaniels make a week-long stopover at the Apollo Theater.

              Lionel Hampton travels to the Howard Theater for a week of entertaining.

             The weekend finds the Midnighters with Todd Rhodes' Orchestra playing the 5-4 Ballroom, with Little Walter making a rare West Coast appearance along
             with Chuck Higgins for the next two weeks at the Savoy Ballroom.

             Dinah Washington headlines the talent at the "Queen Contest and Coronation Ball" at the Flint Armory in Flint, Michigan.

October 14
              Derby Records files for bankruptcy. Started only three years earlier, the label only had one major hit in Wheel of Fortune with Eddie Wilcox and Sunny

October 15
              The Apollo presents the Five Keys for the week.

              Earl King and the Spiders front the Dave Bartholomew's Combo in Shrewsbury, Louisiana,

                Bill Doggett swings the crowd at Detroit's Crystal Lounge.

               In Los Angeles. Muddy Waters and Johnny "Guitar" Watson are the weekend entertainment at the 5-4 Ballroom.

               Billy Ward and His dominoes are currently performing at the Latin Quarter in New York.

               To add to the confusion between the Royals, now re-named the Midnighters on King Records and the "5" Royals (King and Apollo Records), there is a
               new group from Detroit calling itself the Royals on Venus Records.

               Recent record company signing include the Griffin Brothers and Lloyd Fulson on Chess Records.

              Recorded In Hollywood Records buys the masters of five top rhythm and blues Christmas records from Swing Time.

              The songs are Merry Christmas Baby by Charles Brown, "Lonesome Christmas" by Lowell Fulson, "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus" by Mabel Scott, "Sleigh
               Ride" by Lloyd Glann and "How I Hate To See Christmas Come Around" by Jimmy Witherspoon.

October 16
               Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on the Louisiana Hayride national broadcast from Shreveport, Louisiana. within three weeks he signs a long term
               contract to appear on the show every Saturday night for a year.

October 18
              Bill Haley and His Comets starts a week's engagement at the Blue Mirror Club in Washington.

October 19
              Billy Eckstine and the Drifters, headling the "Biggest Show Of 54," appear in Philadelphia at the Academy Of Music.

October 22
              The Clovers are scheduled for a week at the Apollo. Also, on the bill is Edna McGriff and the Paul Williams Orchestra.

              Pee Wee Crayton headlines a three-day run at the Dew Drop Inn.

              LaVern Baker, Big Maybelle, the Spaniels, the Counts, Larry Darnell and Red Prysock are the highlights of the revue at the Howard Theater.

              Arthur Prysock is on the stage for a ten-day run at Chic's in Detroit.

                Percy Mayfield is at the Savoy Ballroom, Joe Morris with Al Savage is at the 5-4 Ballroom and the Chords are the Club Oasis for the weekend in Los

October 23
             A feud had developed between the Chords and humorist Stan Freberg, whose parody of "Sh-Boom" is on the op charts. Everything ends humorously that
             evening as both Freberg and the Chords appear on the CBS-TV show "Juke Box Jury" to joke with each other.

             The "Midnight Ramble" at the New Orleans' Caffin Teater features Dave Bartholomew's Band and the Spiders.

October 28
              Bily Eckstine and the Drifters with the "Biggest Show Of 54" play a one-nighter at the Peoria Mosque Theater.

October 29
             The weekend in Los Angeles finds Linda Hayes and Prince Partridge at the Savoy Ballroom. Also, Faye Adams, Johnny Ace, Memphis Slim and Willie
             Mae Thornton are at  5-4 Ballroom.

October 30
             Pee Wee Crayton brings his West Coast blues to Slidell, Louisiana.

              In New Orleans. the Spiders and Little Bo stop for two days at the Club Desire.

Late October

               Lamp Records signs the Cues and the Mellow-Fellows to recording contracts.

November 1
                 Fats Domino and Amos Milburn start a tour that will take then from the East Coast down through the Deep South before winding up in New Orleans.
                 This week they are playing dates in the Carolinas.

                 Johnny Otis, regular deejay on KFOX radio in Los Angeles, starts a two-week engagement at the Club Oasis.

November 5
                 In Detroit, Earl Bostic is at the Crystal Lounge for the next two weeks and Nolan Strong and the Diablos open for a three-week run at the Madison

                 The Apollo Theater presents Sonny Thompson's Orchestra featuring Lulu Reed with the Treniers.

                 The weekend entertainment at the 5-4 Ballroom features Roy Milton and the Joe Morris Orchestra with Al Savage on vocals.

November 6
                 In an article in Billboard magazine titled "R&B Music Success Sends Major Diskers Back To The Field," it is reported that Capitol. RCA. Victor,
                 Decca, Mercury, MGM and Columbia se three reasons to step up their rhythm and blues releases: (1) to increase the percentage of the records that the
                 major companies sell to teenagers, (2) to continue to fully utilize their southern distributors, who are increasing turning to independently produced R&B
                 product and (3) to keep from surrendering the rhythm and blues market entirely to the smaller independent record companies. Victor announces it is
                 taking back control of Groove Records, its subsidiary, which as been run by the "X" banner. Columbia is taking over the running of Okeh, which had
                 previously been run by Epic, Capitol which had stopped R&B production in 1948, is now solidly back in the field.

                 One reason not mentioned by the major record companies, but point out in the article, is that the original versions of most r&b records are selling better
                 than the pop covers issued by the majors.

                 Lynn Hope is entertaining at the Showboat in Philadelphia for two weeks.

                  On tour, T-Bone Walker, Ray Charles and Lowell Fulson are in the Southwest and Chuck Willis and Joe Turner are in Florida and Alabama.

                  Epic Records celebrates its first anniversary with a party in New York City attended by Roy Hamilton among others.

                 The Blenders sign with R&B Records in Los Angeles and the Chestnuts sign with Mercury.

                 Tiny Bradshaw is recovering from a stroke he suffered last week.

                 Billy Ward and His Dominoes open at Basin Street in New York.

                Aladdin Records signs the Regals, the Five Pearls and the Cookies

                The Chords ridding the crest of popularity with their hit "Sh-Boom," are forced to change their name to the Chordcats to avoid conflict with another group
               that claims to have used the name first in 1953 with Gem Records.

              Allied Records started a subsidiary, Kicks Records.

November 12
                 The "Hall Of Fame Show" tour takes to the road with a performance in Kansas City. The package will be out ten days and play various locations,
                 including Wichita and Topeka in Kansas and Decatur, Illinois. Entertainers will include Faye Adams, the Spiders, Joe Morris, Amos Milburn and Al

                  The Howard Theater hosts the Timmie Rodgers Revue,featuring Roy Hamilton, for the week.

                   In Detroit, Wynonie Harris is the entertainer at Chic's for the week and Bullmoose Jackson opens at the Flame Show Bar.

                   In Los Angeles this weekend, T-Bone Walker entertains dancers at the Savoy Ballroom and Roy Milton Returns to the 5-4 Ballroom.

                  The Apollo Theater offers Louis Jordan with the Hal Singer Band this week,

                A survey by Billboard magazine discloses that r&b records are aired on local radio an average of five hours a week, against ten hours of country music.
                There has been little change in the ratio since an earlier poll conducted in 1953.

                Marvin and Johnny are currently on the road in the Midwest before opening in Cleveland at the Cotton Club later this month.

                Studio Films, Inc., is producing a series of made for TV films titled "Apollo Varieties" that will showcase acts that appear on stage at the Apollo.

                 Decca Records begins negotiations with Spark Records of Los Angeles that would result in the catalog of unreleased masters coming under the Decca
                 banner. Decca would acquire the services of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, owners of Spark and Major songwriters in the rhythm and blues field and
                 Lester Sill, sales manager for Spark.

                 Joe Davis of Jay-Dee Records, reactivates the Beacon label, which had been in business from 1943-1948, The first Beacon release will be Dean Barlow
                 and the Crickets who were previously on the Beacon label.

                 Dewey Bergman, president of Benida Records, announces the start of the Roulette label. He will switch all of the r&b talent on Benida, including Sugar
                 Tones, to Roulette.

                 The Bihari brothers (Jules of Crown Records, Saul of Modern Records and Joe of RPM/Flair) are off on another talent search through the Midwest and
                 along the Eastern Seaboard.

                 Last week Saul Bihari signed Arthur Lee Maye.

November 19
                 In celebration of the second anniversary of the "Night Train" show broadcast over KEYS radio in Corpus Christi, Texas, the station airs six hours of the
                 "Night Train" (midnight to 6 a.m.) making it one of the longest r&b radio shows to date in this area.

                 The Five Keys headline the weekly revues at the Regal Theater in Chicago.

                  Roy Hamilton is welcomed for a ten-day Thanksgiving appearance at the Apollo.

                  The Howard Theater offers the Drifters and Erskine Hawkins on this week's bill.

                   LaVern Baker is the headliner at Detroit's Flame Show Bar.

                   In Los Angeles, T-Bone Walker returns to the Savoy Ballroom for the weekend, while Johnny Ace and Willie Mae Thornton share the spotlight at the
                   Savoy Ballroom.

November 24
                   Moondog, a blind street musician in New York City, wins a judgement in his $100,000 suit against Alan Freed for use of the "Moondog" name. The
                   actual amount awarded is not announced, but it thought to be $5,000. Freed's new WINS radio show will be renamed "The Rock and Roll Party" and
                   will be extended. Freed will be on the air Monday through Saturday from 7 to 9 p.m. (in addition to his regular late night shift of 11 PM to 1 a.m.
                   Monday through Thursday and 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday), making a total of twenty-eight hours of r&b airtime at WINS for Freed.

November 26
                The Clovers, Joe Morris' Orchestra and Al Savage entertain at the Howard Theater.

               Weekend dancers in Los Angeles have their choice between Charles Brown at the Savoy Ballroom and Johnny Otis at the 5-4 Ballroom. Across town,
                 Joe Houston starts a week-long engagement at the Club Oasis.

Late November

                The Moonglows sign with the Shaw Agency for personal appearances.

December 1
                  Louis Jordan begins a two-week engagement at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.

December 2
                Guitar Slim opens at the Walahuje Club in Atlanta.

December 3
                 The sixth annual WDIA radio "Goodwill Revue" in Memphis draws 6,700 fans to the Ellis Auditorium for a charity show that raise over$5,000. Headline
                 attractions include the El Dorados, the Five Cs, Eddie Boyd, John Greer and Gatemouth Brown.

                 The Charms, Slim Gaillard and Margie Day open for a week at the Howard Theater.

                  Joe Turner plays for the weekend dancers at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles.

                  The Harptones and Buddy Johnson's Orchestra with Ella Johnson headline the show at the Apollo Theater.

December 6
                 Earl Bostic is at the Surf Club in Baltimore through the 12th.

                  In Providence, Rhode Island, the feature attractions are Marvin and Johnny at Celebrity Club and Ivory Joe Hunter at the Downbeat

Early December
                  Sarah Vaughn starts a month-long engagement at the Birdland in New York, where she shares the bill with Jimmie Rushing and Count Basie.

December 9
                 Johnny Otis plays one-nighter at the Club Oasis in Los Angeles.

December 10
                 Savannah Churchill is the house guest at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit.

                 Chuck Willis and Faye Adams kick off a month-long tour of New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a show in Trenton. Other dates include Newark.
                 Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Joining the tour for a few dates will be the Bill Doggett Trio.

                 In Los Angeles, B.B. King starts three days at the 5-4 Ballroom, while Charles Brown plays a weekend layover at the Savoy Ballroom.

December 15
                Earl Bostic starts week at the Markeez Club in Lowell, Mississippi.

                The Drifters and Red Prysock wind up a Florida tour that has kept them on the road for about thirty days.

                The Counts are now touring with the Gene Ammons Combo through the Midwest.

                Aladdin Records, in a move of dubious legality. hires the Feathers to re-record "Johnny Darling," which was released by the same group this week on
                Show Time Records.

               Chess Records policy of issuing records by the Moonglows under two names. the Moonglows and the Moonlighters, has had a humorous side effect.
                Promoters, eager to booked the Moonlighters, are having a hard time locating the non-existent group. The Shaw Agency on the other hand. gets "two for
                the price of one" as they sign the Moonglows. Moonlighters to an exclusive personal appearance contract. On future play dates, the Moonglows and
                Moonlighters will both perform.

December 17
                 Charles Brown is held over for another weekend at the Savoy Ballroom, where he is joined by Billy Ward and His Dominoes. Across town, the 5-4
                  Ballroom hosted Joe Turner and Choker Campbell.

December 20
                Tiny Bradshaw headlines the review at the Celebrity Club in Providence, Rhode Island.

December 21
                Dinah Washington, the Checkers, Danny Overbea and Cootie William's Orchestra start a winter tour through the Midwest. Miss Washington has taken
                  over the management of her female backing singers, the Honey Tones, who accompany her on tour.

December 22
                 Earl Bostic, just completing a full year of tours and club date, starts a well deserved six week vacation.

December 23
                 Buddy and Ella Johnson are welcomed for a three-week stay at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles.

December 24
               The Clovers and Floyd Dixon open at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles for ten days. Also in town, Johnny Otis starts an extended engagement playing
               weekends at the Club Alimony.

               Joe Turner plays tonight in Shreveport, Louisiana, followed by Christmas Day show in New Orleans.

               In Washington, the Christmas Week show at the Howard Theater features Ivory Joe Hunter and the Regals.

               Johnny Ace is accidentally shot backstage at the Houston Auditorium while playing Russian Roulette with a loaded revolver. He dies within hours.

December 25
                  Bill Randle, deejay on WERE Cleveland starts a weekly rhythm and blues show, that will be aired every Saturday in New York over WCBS< Randle
                  will commute between Cleveland and New York.

                  In California, Louis Jordan and B.B. King break the house record at the Oakland Auditorium, bringing in 12,300 patrons.

December 27
                The Elks Ballroom in Los Angeles features B.B. King for its Christmas dance. Other performers include the Medallions, Roy Milton, Little Willie
                Littlefield, Johnny Otis, the Flairs, Earl orest and Marie Adams.

                Also in Los Angeles, the Christmas rhythm and blues benefit concert at the Shrine Auditorium features the Clovers, Big Jay McNeeley, the Robins, the
                Platters, the Cheers and the Jewels.

December 31
                The New Year's Eve weekend dance at the Savoy Ballroom in Los Angeles offers Billy ward and His Dominoes, Johnny "Guitar" Watson and Charles

                  Washington's Howard Theater presents the "5" Royales, the Penguins Tad Smith's Combo to close out the year.

Late December
                 The Phonograph Manufactures Association estimates the record sales in 1954 have dropped $61 million.

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