Pre Doo-Wop Groups
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The Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots were important black vocal groups that predated the rock and roll era. The Mills Brothers were experts at imitating instruments with their voices, while the Ink Spots Bill Kenny's quavering tenor presaged the street corner leads of doo wop sound. Their middle of the road style of "pop" style of singing and "white" sound that made them popular. They would serve as the role models for the future black vocal groups.

Inspirational Groups

Mills Brothers         1931 Boswell Sisters       1931 Ink Spots                 1935 Charioteers               1935 Golden Gate            1937 Andrew Sisters       1937
Cats & the Fiddle   1939 Deep River Boys    1940 Delta Rhythm Boys  1941 Four Vagabonds       1942 Five Redcaps           1943 Coleman Brothers    1944
Brown Dots            1941

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