The Deltairs

deltairs.jpg (67939 bytes)
The Deltairs circa 1957
(L-R) Carol Stansbury, Shirley Taylor, Barbara Thompson,
Thelma Stansbury and Barbara Lee

    Barbara Thompson - lead
    Barbara Lee
    Carol Stansbury
    Thelma Stansbury
    Shirley Taylor

The Deltairs, originally from Jamaica-Queens, NY are remembered for their 1957 hit "Lullaby Of The Bells" on IVY. They also recorded "Standing At The Altar " on IVY in 1958, and "Who Would Have Thought" for Felsted in 1958. The group consisted of Barbara Thompson on lead, Barbara Lee, Carol Stansbury, Thelma Stansbury and Shirley Taylor.

The Deltairs were provided courtesy of Vocal Group Harmony Lives