Bobby Rydell and Family
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Bobby Rydell was born Robert Ridarelli, and was the third of Philly's teen idols. When stardom came for him, he was ready. Recording for  Cameo Records, he hit big in 1959 with "Kissin Time." Over the next four years, Rydell had nineteen top twenty hits including the million seller "Volare" (1960), a cover version of Domenico Mogugno's 1958 hit, "Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu." Like his friends Fabian and Frankie Avalon, Rydell went to Hollywood. Much of the teen idol's success was because they all lived close to the American Bandstand studio. At a moments notice - when the studio phoned - they could replace a guest who hadn't shown up. Each had a good rapport with Dick Clark, who visited them in their South Philadelphia homes. The surprise was that, despite their fame and fortune, they lived modestly like many of the kids who watched the show.