Barbara Marcen
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Few things are as much fun for teenagers as dancing. It's a chance to show off and be noticed. For the teens on American Bandstand like Barbara Marcen, it was a chance to be seen by millions The dancers, especially the regulars, were always jostling for a spot in front. "we were brats about it," remembers Arlene Sullivan. We wanted to strut our stuff in front of America," says Bunny Gibson. "But," says Carole Scaldeferri, "Dick didn't want us hogging the camera." "he used the studio mike to get us away from the front. You'd be dancing, and all of a sudden you'd hear Dick's voice telling you to drop back to the rear," says Kenny Rossi. Myrna Horowitz says, "Dick wanted to give everyone a chance. I didn't like dropping back, but I understood it."