American Bandstand Picture Index

Outside the Studio Waiting to get on the Show Carmen MonteCarlo and Charlie Zamal
Lou Sera, a Bandtand Regular Map of Bandstand's affliates Dick Clark's World
Pat Malittieri, Bandstand dancer Jitterbugging Barbara Marcen
Arlene Sullivan and Kenny Rossi Justine Carelli, Bandstand's girl next door Danny and the Juniors
Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls Of Fire Searching for new material Advertising on Bandstand
Bandstand Dance Contests Dance Contest Prize Roll Call
Bandstand's Original Set Clues Johnny Mathis
Rate-A-Record Getting Mail Halloween
Cha-lypso Sitting in the bleachers Snap Shots
Doing the Stroll The Last Dance Hazards
Fabian and Family Bobby Rydell Frankie Avalon
The Regulars Justine Carelli and Bob Clayton Bob Clayton Fan Club
Caravan of Stars Jayce, Norman, Carmen, Frank Well Dressed and Well Behaved
Brenda Lee Day

Captions by Ray Smith

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